Sunday Music, Tuesday

What a remarkably grey day it was. It rained since Sunday (possibly since Saturday ?), and at one point in time there was snow. The first snow of the year, still very wet, still not to last, but snow. On roofs, on cars, on meadows, still not under trees – gone within an hour, but snow.
No sun. Grey.
Today I watched the sky while I travelled through Suebia and Franconia, rain hit the window pane, and the bending trees and flurring leaves showed me the fierce wind outside. They lit the lamps at the stations shortly after 15:00, I’m glad the heating worked. It was a silent journey, kids on vacancy (“Herbstferien”), just the usual commuters, mostly men reading or otherwise looking at screens.
Back home I was greeted by an overflowing letterbox, but it (nearly) all went into the basket, just nonsense, a big waste of paper & ink.
I made some phone calls, aired the rooms, and turned to heating to full, no need to shiver in here.
Tomorrow I’ll go down town and will get it sorted out with my new glasses – hopefully I will receive them within an acceptable span of time. Then I’ll see the holy specialist, who will tell me about my right eye, and what needs to be done. The idea of a “major” operation (as mentioned by my ophthalmologist) does send shivers down my spine. I am in no way “a tough guy”, but I like to think of meself as someone who can handle the usual stuff, as unbearable as it may be. But my eyes … this is something different. In my fifties now, I can still well remember the shock of the first glasses, at twelve. And how it worsened, fast, at times with new glasses every five months, until it kind of stabilised at seventeen. I really feared that it would keep going on.
Since last week I know that there is no damage to the lens, no gray or otherwise “star”, the backside of the eyeball’s inside is all right ; something is wrong with the outer part of the right eye. And, as I am told – and as I want to believe -, this can be fixed : Nothing fancy, just some standard run-of-the-mill-procedure, routine, by any means. Hopefully without payne. Yes, I want to belive this.
Tomorrow afternoon I’ll know.
Now let’s listen to some Sunday Music – Tokay anyone ?
Here’s a Polish csárdás (Ger., Eng.) sung by Janusz POPLAWSKI titled Tokay – I hope you enjoy the music. May the week be good to all of us !



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Tuesday

  1. Oh dear. Yes, operations are nothing to be blase about, but cutting on your eye seems somehow worse. Best of luck with them.

    I too remember entering puberty with my vision suddenly and increasingly bad. Acne and myopia; what a great combination.

  2. Best wishes with the new glasses and the eye condition.

    I will light an extra candle for you at the Unser Lieb Frau von die Streifen Unterhosen Chapel.

  3. ” … cutting on yer ey …” – bucket pleeeesa … oh GOd … *splatter* …
    Sorry Peenee, sorry for yer shoes, “just keeping zhe flow”, as Bart SImpson once said …
    And yeah, you are absolutely right (as always, but don’t let Norma hear), “acne and myopia”, a great combination !

    I thank you very very much LẌ, it’s nothing to make a fuss about compared to your condition, and compared to you I am a terrible wimp.
    Let’s have some big candles in that Chapel please !

  4. I’m so sorry to read about your eyes. I also started wearing glasses at twelve, my eyes stabilised when I was about 20. I now seem to be becoming longer sighted so I am forever taking off my glasses and then putting them back on again. I’m hoping I’ll end up with perfect vision by the time I’m 70!!! Yep, doubtful.
    Take care, m’dear, and I hope you don’t need the scary op.

  5. Take care of your eyes. I wish you a speedy, safe operation and a quick recovery. Medicine has made great progress. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts. Be safe. Stay warm. Happy Halloween!

  6. Thank you Savannah, I’d like to get a bit wasted right now, sorry.

    Too late MsScarlet, sorry.

    Speedy and safe, isn’t this what we all wish for Eros ? I’m a terribly coward in this respect. Do me a favour and light another candle in the Chapel please – thank you.

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