Sunday Music

A grey Sunday afternoon. Time to have a second cup of coffee, curl up on the sofa and read. Until the water boils, we could listen to a little bit of fine music.
The LUTEDUO, this is Anna KOWALSKA and Anton BIRULA, gives us two little pieces by Mr PURCELL
I hope you enjoy the music – may the coming week be peaceful for all of us.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Lovely music! I just had my first cup of coffee and freshly baked scones, all prepared by the MITM! It’s cool here, but should warm up outside by the afternoon. But, for now, I’m with you, sitting comfortably enjoying my Sunday morning! xoxo

  2. I have no clue how they handle these things LẌ, I find it difficult enough to tune a simple guitar (and it still sounds strange) !
    Here is the list of their instruments, but I am not sure whether the two they use in the video are in this list (perhaps “Liuto attorbato” in row 9 ?).
    I only know that the very big one is called Theorbe / Theorbo, see Mr Birula play it here.

  3. Good morning Savannah ! “Fresh scones” sounds lovely.
    It’s not really cold outside (12° C), but unstopping light wind – and a notable lack of sunlight – make it feel uncomfortable, es ist ungemütlich. I have no intention to go outside today, tomorrow I’ll have to be busy – and when I’ll have done what is necessary, I’ll go on and wait. But this is my new weekly job, today is weekend !
    Please greet the MITM.

  4. Very relaxing music. A cool day is the perfect day to stay in and read and have a tasty cup of coffee. For me cold days are perfect for long runs or just sleeping in.

    Have a great week! Stay warm and safe.

  5. Sorry luv, scones are out. You can have toast briquette, wimpy Wiener, and coffe distilled from the very atom of every bean (with cream ; while it lasts ; the radiation, y’know). Happy to serve MsScarlet.

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