Politisch’ Lied, Garstig’ Lied

It is ridiculous.
The scandal in this “Acosta Incident” is not that the little fuehrer yells at a reporter, and it is not a scandal that his reporter is banned from the White House “in retaliation”. This is low, but the normal today in the USofA. The scandal is that they use a doctored video. This has a Goebbels taste to it.

The little fuehrer has the former “Justizminister” Sessions replaced by a true follower – as things are right now, I can say nothing else about this man, especially when you consider that I am watching all this from Europe. But that this move is clearly aimed against the investigation run by a certain Mr Muller is absolutely clear & undeniable. The Democrats are now in a position to look into the little fuehrer’s shenanigans – and a certain McConnell in advance called this already “presidential meddling” – as if this so called “president” would be untouchable.
Watching & thinking about this, I can only hope that what grandma Pelosi mumbled, something along the line “we must work together”, is forgotten as soon as possible. I think the Democrats still have not understood what they are dealing with : This is not a “normal” “president”, this is not “a politician”. The little fuehrer can not be measured by this scales. There is no “moral”, no “ethos”, fuck “responsibility” – because it’s always other people’s fault.
I think it is an important moment now.
If the Democrats decide to “make (some) peace”, and “work together” with “responsible” Republicans, then they will become what we called in Germany after WWII and the end of the dictatorship “Mitläufer”. The only thing the Democrats have to bank on now is their morale value, after two years of unhinged “Trumpism”. After two years of ongoing erosion of the democratic state, of socio-cultural warfare. Joining in now “for the better” would be nothing else but erbärmlichstes Mitläufertum. (Can’t translate this. Does the word “Quisling” ring a bell ?)
There is no other way but the full disclosure of the little fuehrer’s corruption, make or mar. Anything else means to become guilty.

But all this is in vain.
In the end, all I talk about here is moral, ethos if you like. What we see is an elected moral blank, a nihilist. And those who voted for him, and more so, those who make him possible, enable him, figures like this McConnell, share this nihilism. And as long as it works, it works.
The only thing that can end this, is the next economical crisis. And this will come as sure as next Christmas. Only then things will change. I am in no way learned about economics, so I can say nothing about what will cause what when. All I know is that the US economy runs “on tick”, auf Pump. This is a major vulnerability, and chances are, at least in my humble opinion, that some day in the near future someone (perhaps some really pissed off Chinese ?) triggers something that sends this house of cards down the drain. This will aggravate all the fault lines in the society the little fuehrer banks on, and it will make them break.
This will be ugly and violent.

Sorry, I am no doom monger usually, but I can not share the optimism that comes out of this Midterm’s result. It means, first of all, another two years of the little fuehrer’s more or less unbridled rule ; it means a un-unified Democratic “opposition” ; it does, thirdly, not rule out another six years of scum’s rule. As nice & notable some results may be, in total it is not enough. The next election campaign already started, the public climate is poisoned and will get even more poisoned : The little fuehrer’s answer is clear – more escalation. He publicly lauded violence as means of political “confrontation”.

The little fuehrer needs to be laughed out of office. Laughter is the only thing that can stop this monstrosity.
It is ridiculous.

8 thoughts on “Politisch’ Lied, Garstig’ Lied

  1. Meet the new boss
    Same as the old boss

    Won’t Get Fooled Again
    The Who

    Personally, I am not optimistic. It is largely the same old cast of characters in Washington. If anything, things will get progressively worse in the run-up to the 2020 Presidential election. Sorry.

  2. There are some brand new faces in Congress, more minorities and women! Yes, the situation in Washington D.C. is terrible. But I know that nothing will change unless we try. And the election results is a great first step. It’s a positive sign that there are still people in this country who do the right thing and believe in a better, more equal and positive America. The fight is only lost when we give up. So we keep on fighting.

  3. I think the translation you’re looking for is “pitiful fellow-travelling”, which is what it might well be. The absence of a coherently-led opposition is what surprises and worries me most. Nancy Pelosi may, for all I know, be an effective manager of legislation, but that’s only, or less than, half the job that needs to be done, and it amazes me that US political parties, the Democrats in particular, seem to wait around for the electoral cycle to throw up someone to define for them. concretely, what they stand for, by which time it’s a bit late to energise the electorate.

  4. Yes, one may wonder about things to come LẌ ! The next election promises to be an extraordinary spectacle.

    I admire you for your optimism Eroswings – you really hold the flag up (a clumsy translation of the German phrase die Fahne hochhalten, what means to be steady & true) ! And of course you are right – new faces, more women, more minorities, all good signs.
    But – and Autolycos sums it up perfectly – I miss a coherent opposition. The republicans have this MacConnell guy who tells them what to do, and they follow. Lady Pelosi surely has her merits, but what do she & the opposition stand for ? Does anybody lead those people ?
    As I said, I watch this from Europe ; of course I read US newspapers & magazines via the web ; it may nevertheless be a matter of perspective or perception, maybe I simply miss too much – but as already mentioned, Autolycos sums it up best : “US political parties, the Democrats in particular, seem to wait around for the electoral cycle to throw up someone to define for them, concretely, what they stand for, by which time it’s a bit late to energise the electorate.”
    Yesterday I read something Pelosi said (who expects to become speaker again) about grassroots, and that the democrats had won them. Nice – but is this something you have to do again & again ? Yes, candidates have to go around and shake babies etc. – but one should think that there is something like a continuous organisation. From my point of view it looks as if the democrats would resalise only every two or three years that there is some voting. The need for a coherent program of sorts seems to go unnoticed. It all looks like endless improvisation.

    Thank you for the translation Autolycus. The difficulty is that I can not estimate how “strong” a formulation is in English. In German I understand Mitläufer(tum) as (strong) insult.
    You summarised it.

  5. It is a nice word, isn’t it LẌ ?
    The video is in a sense heart warming. In these days of rapid change, instability and untrustworthiness, man’s will to ignore signs is trustworthy, stable and unmovable, like this marvellous bridge.
    Was that thing an air conditioning dome ? Who needs it when he can rip a hole in the roof ?! Yes, keep it simple !
    Thank you LẌ, this really helped.

  6. Yes, that was the air conditioner that was ripped off! Replacing the air conditioner and repairing the roof is going to be expensive, maybe three or four thousand dollars(?).

  7. To echo Eros, I think that at least one good thing is coming out of the ridiculous cheese puff’s presidency: a diverse array of people who stand up for morality and inclusion, and want to make our world a better place.

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