Sunday Music

Sometimes time is crawling, then rushing, actually I think it is back to its “normal” floating flowing.
I had to go to the doctor’s every day in the last week, they always found something that had to be checked ; finally they gummed me with cables and made me carry a little box around my neck. I have to give that thing back tomorrow in the early morning, so that its measurements can be checked before I have to go into St.James’ Infirmary.
I found no music that would please me now, so let’s take the tram through Ulm (Ger., Eng.) in 1922. I hope you like the little excursion. May it be a good week for all of us.
And because I found no other way to show them, some poppies.



Something technical : I tried to comment on blogger sites (Savannah’s [Happy Birthday to the Capt’n ! ], Eros’ [I wanted to say something about the insect], IDV’s [groyn ! ],  et al.), and my comments simply vanished. I first thought that you had voted for “approval”, so that any comment would show up only after being checked, but this is not the case. They simply are not processed properly. And : I am not asked for verification, does not matter how long I wait, it simply does not show up. So please accept my apologies, I’m not staying mum, there is simply (another) software problem.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Thank you LẌ.
    What happened to Roses seems only consequential – Blogging could be so nice without human input ! The machines are doin’ it for themselves !

  2. YIKES! Roses told me she had the same problem on my blog! Try again, please. She said she was finally able to post a comment!

    I love the little movie from 1922! So different from now, yet so the human reactions are so similar to now! Good luck with all things medical this week, sugar! xoxox

  3. Sorry about Blogger eating up your comment. They always make mistakes whenever they try to update…

    I hope you get well soon and that the procedure is quick and effective. Take care.

    Thanks for the lovely movie of 1922! Such charming scenes! I love how the people react to being filmed as they go about their daily lives. The architecture is spectacular! And the canals are neat!

    Take care and be safe. Good health to you!

  4. Thank you for the good wishes Savannah There is a movie from Barcelona pre-WWI where people gather to be filmed, they laugh, smile and enjoy it.
    Sadly the posting does not work, I just tried it to wish the Capt’n a good birthday ; it’s of no difference if I use the “name / url” setting or the “anonymous”-option..

    Thank you for the good wishes Eroswings – tomorrow morning things will be done, oh dear ….
    The canals in the last 30 seconds or so are in the quarter of the fishermen ; as I learned there are two called the “Little Blue” and the “Big Blue” (“Kleine Blau” und “Große Blau”). I do not know if they are fed by the small river “Blau” / “Blue” that sources from the Alb in the “Blautopf” – what is possible. There is a nice tale about the “Blautopf”, where a Melusine lives.

  5. The box simply recorded, nothing to worry MsScarlet.

    Geht so lala LẌ, all around the right eye is swollen, vision is blurry, no payne as promised. I’m promised that all will be well. AT least all is developing as it should according to plan, so tells me the man who is responsible for it and who sent me home this morning. I was told firmly to avoid sitting upright, since Tuesday afternoon I am effectively lying on my belly, and am told to keep this whenever possible. Forget driving, forget a keyboard, can’t see in three dimensions correctly, distances are a problem.
    Excuses please LẌ, I’ll switch this thing off. Will be back SUnday latest.

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