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  1. I will be waiting eagerly for your return. I greatly enjoy your descriptions of your day to day life, the bus, the boys, your coworkers. And especially love your taste in music.

    And I stumble into furniture all the time.

    good luck, not that you’ll need it.

  2. [off-topic. sorry]

    Way down the rabbit hole today to find this.

    Experimental folk group Heilung performs most of their songs in Proto-Germanic language, with a few bits of modern English thrown in. This is Krigsgaldr from the LIFA album.

    Is this song understandable in terms of modern German?

  3. Venerated Readers
    Thank You all for the Good WIshes, it is all highly apprechiated. And it works : Yesterday I could read an article in a printed newspaper, Things are becoming better

    But it is not me to woryy about – it is MsScarlet who needs some company, cheer & comfort after her car accident !.

    All I can say is – that’s not Franconian ! Ond Schwäbisch auh’ nedde. I do not understand one word LẌ.
    This group was absolutely unknown to me before you mentioned them, and all I know about them comes from their wiki-entries, the German being a bit more detailed.
    I think they cover a lot from shamanic song to scalden poetry, but I am absolutely not familiar with their music. And no, I am sorry, I do not understand them.
    I wonder what we know about iron age music instruments ? I vaguely remember that some artifacts were found that are seen to be music instruments, but it is a vague memory. This si something to look for.
    But I have to wait a bit, reading is still tiresome, so screen time is limited.

  4. I found it very unusual for baroque music, hence I chose it – and it really did wake me up a bit when I had found it on youtube, IDV ! I think Rameau did something pretty astoinishing with this “Zaïs”, the windy genius. I would like to hear it on a real hifi-system with large loudspeakers. Generally I think some of this baroque music needs to be listened to with much more volume and transparency than these small speakers or a headphone can offer. Some passages are really “rocking”.

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