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In the lower third of my right eye’s vision floats a blackish blob. It is round, the center is more transparent than the rest, it becomes gradually more black to the edge. In the course of the last two days another two, but remarkably smaller blobs aligned at the right side of the centre blob. When I am out and walk around I nearly forget about the blob, mostly because I then have to look through the upper part of my glasses. But when I sit at a desk or lie on the sofa reading, I just look right into it.
It frightens me – what, if it does not go away ?! I never was told about the blob in advance. And nobody assured me expressis verbis that the blob will vanish. Will I be blobbed for the rest of my life ?
The new glasses are very good. Now that my right eye is (nearly) back in its natural position, and my face swollen back into its natural form, the new lenses develop their full effect. In fact my brain finds it still a bit difficult to switch between near and distance sight, but it is all well improved compared to the situation some days ago, not to mention last week. It is now just a matter of adjustement.
Today’s Sunday Music is a little piece titled Blues for Tillmon : Vernon REID (g) (Ger., Eng.), Jack BRUCE (b) (Ger., Eng.), John MEDESKI (organ, melotron) (Ger., Eng.) and Cindy BLACKMAN SANTANA (dr) (Ger., Eng.) pay tribute to Tony WILLIAMS (Ger., Eng.) on the 2012 album Spectrum Road. Hope you enjoy it, it’s peculiar, funny, and a bit melancholic.
I hope we have a good week ahead, without incidents, accidents, whateverdents, some dent free days would be nice.



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  1. Extra kudos to the MITM for knowing Williams’ real first name !
    JAck Bruce may ring a bell too – as a young man he once put a stuffed possum on his head and played with Mr BAKER and Mr CLAPTON.

  2. Dave had a blob for a while, he was told it was because as we get older the surface of the eye dries out and bits break off (or something like that), anyway it went away and he doesn’t seem to have had any problems since.

    That was a delightfully bonkers piece of music! X

  3. Not disclosing all the facts about a procedure is a trick that doctors sometimes enjoy playing on their patients. Best blob-less wishes.

  4. So it is just the natural process of breaking apart, a comforting perspective.
    I think “delightfully bonkers” describes this piece very well, dear Eryl. I have somewhere an lp by WILLIAMS that also is pretty bonkers. I should re-hear it, I am sure that I did not do justice to it thirty years ago.

  5. Sorry LẌ, I just answered without having refreshed th frame.

    I think another thing in waiting is what my eye doctor mentioned en passant – that the operation on the backside of the eyeball also comes with an increased risk of developing “Grauer Star” – what of course makes another op necessary.
    Frankly I feel a bit wobbly about this perspective, and have no wish to learn the gruesome details, as usual.
    Sooner or later I will have to read through the pertinent websites, but not as long as I’m blobbed.
    BTW the curve of improvement is steep. If this continues, I’ll be driving before Christmas.

  6. I really don’t fancy the idea of my eyes being operated on. I’ve known a couple of people for whom the doctors think only a local anaesthetic suffices. So ytou can see all the instruments of well-meaning torture performing their work. Better than going blind I suppose.

  7. Dearest Mistress – since this morning I am de-blobbed ! I have no idea what it actually was – and believe me, I do not really want to know – but the dreaded thing is gone. I do not feel any payne, the switch between near and far seeing does go better than some days ago.
    What I observe is that my eyes become easier “tired” than before.
    I have to see my ophthalmologist on Monday for a follow-up appointment, but I am very sure that it all will be well.
    I thank You very much for Your concern, “Oh Canada … ”

    They gave me a full knock-out for a short time (by a port on my left hand), so that the operateur could set some injections – I shudder to think where he put them, but obviously, he put them right into my right eyeball.
    After that I was more or less awake. It all went well, until some unforeseen difficulties came up, and I became more clear through this. Obviously the routine was a bit violated.
    I was then talking to the people around me while I lay under this blanket. At one point I mentioned that I’d like to have a little bit of more air, simply because it started to feel a bit like waterboarding under this textile. At this point I heared the operateur tell me in a strong voice “You have oxygene through your nose.”
    What was quite right, but the feeling of being closed in and breathing into a sack was not really vanishing. Maybe a little bit of panik crept in. After that I was so stupid to ask whether all the people had gone off for a coffee, because it was so quiet after all, they had been chatting all along before. So he told me that “here are a lot of people really at it”, and then I went back to dreamland again.
    The cool anaesthetic lady I had a chat with before the op, surely turned the spigot on and gave me a little more of the nice stuff. Only when I talked to them through the blanket I noticed that my hands were fixed at my ankles with a thin but effective tie – ach, the tricks of the trade …
    It was all fun & professionality, and I am thankful for it : Doing nothing meant going blind or being very impaired, un-restorable. And what I was promised became true : No Payne.
    The system worked on me, it was only four weeks from when a serious deficit was recognised / diagnosed until the problem was solved. And as things are right now, to my best knowledge, I have to pay to my Krankenkasse / health insurance only a daily rate for the four days I was in the hospital the eye doctors use because they do not have patients “stationary”, in beds, at their own clinic – what amounts to 10 € a day = 40 €.
    I call meself lucky Looby
    And as it is right now, at the 30th of November meanwhile, I sit at my desk again, I can read and use my eyes to the full. I still use some drops and a cream, but as things are going, I am pretty sure that I’ll be driving again next week.
    What I can happily give a miss is the fear before. But as it is with most things, you only know what it is, when you went through it.

  8. So happy to read in the comments that the blob blobbed off to parts unknown and that you are blobless and seeing much better! You had us all worried for a bit there, Mago.

  9. Thank you Ponita dearest ! No need to worry (anymore), all goes well here. I wonder if you have to shovel snow already ? And didn’t you want to finish some repairs or changes on your house before winter ? I would have asked on your blog, but it is not possible. See the following please :

    Dear Readers : Apologies for not having commented on your blogger blogs for a while, but as it is, blogger (again) does not allow me to comment, not as wordpress blogger, nor as anonymous user ; it makes no difference whether I am logged into my wp-account or not.
    This is pretty baffling because in the meantime I was allowed to comment on LẌ’s blog (on 26th & 27th of November) – and just right now as I wanted to test and verify, it is again not working. Wonders of blogger.

  10. Sorry I’m a bit behind the * ball…
    (when my old reader crashed I had to manually re-load and you slipped down a gap)
    I have what they call “floaters” in both eyes. Some days I don’t notice them at all;some days they are a damned nuisance! But they harmless and inevitable.AKA the price of age!
    Glad you are all fixed, my friend. Sight is so precious.

  11. I can happily live without any floaters in my eyes, dear Dinahmow, but as I am told, I have to expect them over the coming years.
    Let us just look at nice things then !

  12. Mago, I have no idea why you cannot comment on my blog, as I have set the comments permissions to everyone, no restrictions. Blogger is a bugger, isn’t it!?! As it is with Dinahmow, I too have floaters. Yes there is snow here now although not a tremendous amount… probably about 5″. The whiteness of the environment makes those pesky floaters show up a lot more, which can be quite distracting.

  13. No worries Ponita, it is the case with all blogger blogs. I write a comment, click on the “comment as” box – and no matter what I choose (anonymous or name & url), with the next click it is all gone : No preview, no captcha, just “blib” and gone in the electronic orcus. Let google sort them out !
    I hope you can enjoy the snow a bit, before it becomes a nuisance.

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