Sunday Music

“Just in time” – !
The week that was simply was – I only continued where I had stopped six weeks earlier ; encouragingly some colleagues came by for a little chat and some friendly words, the kids reacted friendly. What I had forgotten is how mind-numbing empty my codriver’s gossip really is, so I have to return to selective listening. Some affirmative grunt now & then in combination with questions that trigger an avalanche of already often heard statements of dubious content unworth  further discussion should do the trick, and lead to happiness all around.
So we’ll go full throttle through the next two weeks, happily awaiting the well earned pause.
It is grey outside, windy and wet, snow is announced for the start of the week. As an antidote to the unfriendly weather here is some sunny & friendly music titled I Never Knew performed by Allan REUSS (1915-1988) (acoustic guitar) (Ger., Eng.), Jimmy SMITH on electric console, Mike WIDMER on electric guitar, and Leonard CORSALE on bass. Sadly I found no more information about REUSS’ fellow players, and nothing about that “electric console”.
In the comments to the video someone mentions that this take was recorded in 1941. The group is called Peck’s Bad Boys on the label after the comic book character (Eng.), there is obviously no connection to the notoriously reclusive Texan pianist “Peck” KELLEYs (1898-1980) (Ger., Eng.) band Peck’s Bad Boys (about, more information). It seems to be one of the early recordings of Moses ASCH (1905-1986) (Ger., Eng.), of ever lasting “Folkways” (Ger., Eng.) fame.
I hope you like the music, may we all have an easy and carefree week.



11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I was really hoping it would be THE Jimmy Smith on some weird precursor of the Hammond, but sadly not to be. Mike Widmer’s pretty hot though.

  2. That was jolly!

    Your co-driver sounds very like one of the blokes my husband plays guitar with, he needs to talk constantly, and I’ve heard all his stories so many times I’ve taken to hiding when he visits. I will try your technique of switching off while making the odd grunt and asking the odd question.

  3. Thank you MsScarlet, all back to working order. “Carefree” is better than “high maintenance” I guess – we try …

    Oh dear, this is all too electric for me. If it is correct what a commenter stated, and the date of recording is 1941, I really wonder what kind of apparatus they used LẌ – or would it be apparatusses ? Questions abound …

    Glad you like it Dinahmow.

    Sorry Tim – according to what I read about THE Jimmy Smith it is still ten years until he plugs the first Hammond in. Do you have more information about Mr Widmer ? I sadly found nothing at all about this man.

    Cheerioh Savannah !

    Glad you like it Ponita. All works well, I only have the feeling that I should shield my right eye from this bad cold wind better than before.

    The fine art of selective listening, dear Eryl. Thankfully she does not suffer from logorhoe (most of the time). To be fair, she is good company too. And I am sure that I am sometimes also not up to the point, in the end it may balance itself out I hope.

  4. Stopping by to say “Hello!” Sorry to hear you’ve been having problems with your eyes. It made me think of an interesting book I read a few years ago: Blindness By Jose Saramago. Perhaps when your eyes are better you can check it out from a library. I would think if it has been translated into English, it should also be in German. He is, an interesting writer. A friend of mine had him as a college professor. There is a certain “atmosphere” I feel when reading works from Spanish-speaking authors. A directness or rawness to the work. I don’t know if it has to do with the translation or cultural style, maybe a bit of both. One of my least favorite books I was required to read for college was: Where Angels Fear to Tread By EM Forster. I’m told it was supposed to be funny Quite a riot according to one classmate. but I was neither impressed nor amused by its supposed greatness.

  5. Great to see you Melanie !
    Sorry, I have to confess that senor Saramago is unknown to me – I have to look for information about him first. Also EM Forster – I “know” only by name, but wasn’t he nominated for the Nobel, a humanist, but I have not read him.
    Holy cow – Blindness seems to be pretty tough …

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