Sunday Music

It snowed the whole day, the temperature hovers around freezing point right now, but will rise to +3°C  with rain through the night. This leads to fog in the morning, and the real danger of icy patches on the roads. I toyed with the idea to step out for a walk, but when I stood on the balcony and felt the cold Eastern wind I decided against it.
I spent the day reading about “Chronologiekritiker” (Ger. only), people who doubt the correctness of historical chronology. It sounds weird, and it is.
According to the most radical of these “scholars” anything before 1600 is a fabrication. It is mind boggling. And of course it’s all a kind of conspiration – by whom, for whose benefit, and other simple questions, remain unanswered.
Besides this I looked for open positions, dutiful as I am, and found some places where I should send a letter to. All back to normal.
Outside it looks mostly gray, a little dash of colour would be nice. Hence the Freddie Green Septet (Ger., Eng.) gives us Little Red, from the 1955 lp  “Mr Rhythm” (Eng.).
I hope you like the music. May the next week be stressfree and peaceful !



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. No snow here, though we were promised it. But, yes, lots of grey. What we all need is a chocolate Santa to bring a little colour into our lives.

    The music reminded me of my mother, from the days she used to wear swingy skirts and waltz round the dining room

  2. Danke annakamagaaber natürlich nicht so inniglich wie “Schneeflöckchen”

    This morning my codriver brought selfmade cookies. It was dark and so I could not discern the colours, but they tasted very good and definitely brought colour into the cabin. Some were very fluffy and light, while the marcipan based could use a little additional rest. Obviously the sample was gone after half of the distance, she looked irritated.
    I hope it is a nice memory the music caused, Eryl.

    How can you know Dinahmow ? Every man has a little secret. Glad that you like the music.

  3. It’s brass monkeys here too.

    Everytime my mother brought home a new pair of shoes she would get my dad to break them in for her, he would cram his size 9s into a pair of size 7 patent leather t-bar shoes with pointy toes and a 4inch heel and totter up and down the garden path in them, he once forgot he was wearing a pair of red pixie boots and walked down to the village shop in them to buy a newspaper.

    Speaks volumes about me.

  4. I suppose all history is a bit made up? We probably live in a work of fiction.
    Anyhow, it is Tuesday, the traditional day for Sunday Music!! And it is grey with a big wind.

  5. Took me some time to ind out about the brass monkey’s balls, dear Mitzi – what a colourful formulation !
    Your father must have been a courageous and slightly masochistic man devoted in real affection to your venerated mother ! Did he also have to wear something similar to Scarlet’s stilettos ?

    I should think about this a bit LẌ. Both create new, different realities, but aim at different outcomes, just a first idea.

    This “a bit made up” would be a starting point for a trail of thought about fake news and history, dear Scarlet. I wonder if I could include stilettos ?

  6. I missed Sunday, I guess, but here it is Tuesday and the musical interlude was perfect for this weirdly sunny, but cold day on the Plantation! Thank goodness for central heating! I think I’ll bake some cookies in your honor today, sugar! xoxo

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