Sunday Music

Time to take a breath. A break for at least ten days. Tomorrow I will leave for Suebia, where I’ll spend the days “between the years”. I am looking forward to a relaxed and easy festivity : I have nothing to do in the kitchen, but I will lay the cloth napkins on the table and will happily do minor underling duties – All Good !
I wish all my venerated readers a Happy Christmas, I hope you have quiet, restful, and peaceful days until this year ends.
Mr BARENBOIM plays LISZTs Consolation 1 for us, I hope you like it. We all can use a little consolation – take care please, of yourself, and those around you.



12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. A very happy Christmas mago. I often find your posts a balm, and I sometimes find myself envious of the slow pictures you create of your life out there. I hope you have a most relaxing time in the interyear.

  2. I hope you had a good holiday season, Mago. I hope you are enjoying the sights and sounds of the season.

    Happy New Year!!!


    I wish you and your loved ones a Wonderful and Amazing New Year! May the New Year bring you lots of joy, laughter, and love.

  3. Thank You All for the Good Wishes ! May it all come back to You a hundredfold !

    Thank You Mr Peenee – but frankly, with a snap I can name at least two or three people who deserve a brake and some quiet & relaxing time more than me.

    Herzlichen Dank LẌ – I hope You and Lola and Lukas entered the New Year in a quiet and dignified manner – in Suebia the annual fireworks (“Böllern was das Zeug hält !”) were nice to look at, but for cats (and dogs) it may have been a bit too loud.

    Thank you very much Z – it was both, tranquil & relaxing. As you can see from my new post, I’m still very relaxed – and wish it stays so for a little while ….

    In fact I was not laying the napkins out Eryl, as I had intended, but in the end I performed minor duties in the kitchen, like cutting vegetables, cleaning surfaces and knives – by no means I was to take responsibility for the roast (lamb), that turned out very very satisfying.

    Thank You very much Norma !
    By the way darling, I would like to comment on your blog, but actually you allow only blogger-blogs – can you allow wordpress minions into your realm too ? Please Norma …

    Loveliest MsScarlet – thank you very much. May the coming year be good to you – no more accidents for You ! Sid should take a little bit more care of you.

    Thank You Mitzi ! I am very glad that you can find time to drop by while you have to keep up this demanding schedule between Port Talbot and Benidorm ! Carmen shall take good care of you.

    No Serbia here, dearest Mistress, I am sorry to disappoint you. Your warm wishes are well received, I am basking in the sunshine of your love ! Please go to the eye doctor as soon as possible. BTW I am glad to learn that you are now back on blogging again !

    Thank you very much Looby. One has just to omit the nasty parts – et voila, the idyll remains. Idylle is mainly a form of nescience, I forgot who said it first.

    Thank you very much IDV – I hope your move from the castle into the garden shed went all undisturbed, no glasses broken ?! Must be exiting to start a new year in a new place.

    It would be not the same without your tree Eroswings – I thank you wholeheartedly !

    What Eros says :
    May the New Year bring you lots of joy, laughter, and love !

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