… bööööh …

Ich moch’ nehd. I do not want to get up, march out the door, face the world and grab life by the horns – or whatever over-optimistic & nonsensical mobilisation waffle may actually be en vogue.
I do not wish to march around and be grownup – I just want to stay inside & be childish. And : It is snowing & freezing outside, bah !
Christmas festivity good, holidays good, turn of the year good, all good, thank you – yours good too, good.
I’m still in hibernation mode, and as it seems, I’ll stay so for the days coming.
And just so, because there has been no Sunday Music, because it is a new year, and because the world looks black/white, a little piece of music titled Melodie Pour Les Radio-Taxis from the 1959 thriller Un Témoin Dans La Ville (Fr., momasoundtrack), performed by Mssrs Barney WILEN (sax) (Ger., Eng.),  Duke JORDAN (p) (Ger., Eng.), Gilbert ROVÈRE (b) (Ger., Fr.), and Kenny CLARKE (ds) (Ger., Eng.) – hope you like the music.



5 thoughts on “… bööööh …

  1. What a lovely and soothing piece of music…perfect for cold days, a hot cup of coffee or tea, and staying in comfortable clothing.

    Cold days, especially rainy days, are days I want to sleep in and go back to dream land.

    Welcome back. Stay safe and warm and comfortable. It’s nice to do nothing but relax every now and then. Happy new year!

  2. Happy Christmas! Happy New Year!!! Happy You’re Back!!!
    New blog template?? I have spent the last 4 days updating my stupid phone, it turned out to be a full restoration project.
    Yes, I like the mellow music, nice bit of soft sax in the last minute? I hope we have a mellow year.

  3. Glad that you like it Eroswings. It is cold, the snow stayed on here in sunny Franconia. I’ll leave and buy some necessities, but I’ll keep my expedition to a minimum.

    Variatio delectat, dearest MsScarlet. I had enough of the bluish colour, one thing lead to another click, and in the end I had another template.
    Thankfully I have a very simple dumb phone, there is nothing to update. But I had an (remarkably problem free) update of my computer, every now and then this is necessary.
    What bothered me all the time was the fact, that I was not able to comment on blogger blogs. I tried in Suebia, on a microschuft only machine, and all went well there. Finally I found the reason in a tracker and / or cookie related setting in the browser.
    I am not too optimistic about the new year being mellow (this word reminds me of an old reefer song), I fear before the mellowness we’ll see a lot of ugly harshness. In Europe because of “Brexit”, as it seems nobody knows what will happen in March – time flies, eh ?! And in the US. But I am a bit optimistic about the little fuehrer, I think it is entirely possible that he takes the “easy” way out, sadly not by bullet, but by retirement : I think the rat will abandon ship after having signed a ton of “pardons” for himself and the swine he calls friends. That will leave us with the zealot Pence, but whatever can be said against this man, he lacks the rotten amorality of the actual worm in command.
    Now I’m off to dig through snow drifts, where are my dogs ?!

  4. Lovely tune! Taking it easy is lovely when you can be cozy at home. Our little cold snap has ended and it is sunny and (relatively) warm here in the centre of Canada, at a balmy -3C. It will get really cold again, rest assured, as this IS the centre of Canada. I hope your weather warms up enough to be pleasant. And with regards the little fuehrer: now that the House has shifted, perhaps he will be on his way to prison soon, and not just retiring to one of his golf courses. The scrutiny will become excruciating for him soon, I hope. We here in Canada have been watching the events south of the border nervously.

  5. Maybe Canada should consider a big nice wall ? And make the US pay for it.

    -3 C is enough for us here Ponita, the weather people talk about “tons of snow” coming, buah – I did not ask for it !

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