Sunday Music

It’s gray outside – isn’t it remarkable how many variations of this non-colour are possible ? The wind seems to be pretty strong, the windmill I see in the distance is well on duty.
WordPress switched to a new editor that works with “blocks”, I’m not thrilled. I especially dislike that it is difficult to get a justified text. They still offer the “classic” editor, but one has to search for it. In the end I have to use the non-visual editor and copy in the “<p>”-code – more work, more possible mistakes, newer does not necessarily mean better. Enough of this silly blather that makes me sound like an old geezer. The good thing is that it comes with a “drop cap”, a large initial letter.

Let’s listen to a little song, a real European Gassenhauer, a tune very popular in the Early Modern Age. It was known by different names, most common Ballo Di Mantova I think. Here in a variation known as Fuggi Fuggi Fuggi.
This was recorded as part of the Fifth Festival Internazionale Corde d’Autunno 2015. We hear singer Renata FUSCO (It.), lutenist Massimo LONARDI (It.), the guitarists Matteo MELA and Lorenzo MICHELI, who perform as duo. I hope you like the music, may we all have an easy week before us.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. WHAT???? The new editor comes with a drop-cap???? And I’ve been using my secret code all this time. I will have to check out this new fangled editor.

  2. Drop cap in WordPress is a nice classic typographic touch. Blogger, on the other hand, often has trouble with the basics, like accepting comments!

  3. Proof that I obviously have not blogged anything recently enough since I haven’t had to deal with the new editor. Why do web sites always fall for the “new for the sake of being new” idiocy?

  4. I could convince blogger (and my browser) to accept me back LẌ. And at the moment I have trouble with simple tasks too because the drips they gave me this morning still work – eyes like bullet holes …

    Glad that you like it dearest Savannah – even when it is a bit late for Your Birthday !

    Bu but – it’s new Peenee ! And it keeps you on your toes, ha !

  5. This is great ! Thank you for this article LẌ ! From what I learned in the medieval seminars women played no role in making books, be them manuscripts, illuminated manuscripts or later printed books. In High Medieval and later women monasteries produced what is called “Klosterarbeiten” (what wiki shows)- religious bric-a-brac made from hair, metal, bone, cheap embarrassing tinnef imho, but surely not expensive high quality books ! The more happy I am with the new literature cited in this article, there is change !

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