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I found the last week to be pretty exhausting. I even fell into a little blue trap some days ago, but managed to crawl out of the hole. I tried to write a post (about Mr HORVÁTH, I mentioned him in the last book list), but it simply did not come together.
Snow came to Franconia, but it did not stay for long, in the end it was only two days I had to drive through dreamy winter landscapes, no ice thankfully. Now it is back to gray sky, rain and wind. It is astounding how fast the snow vanished and the temperatures went up, basically over night.
I spent the day in bed reading, nodding off, looking out of the window. I did not feel the inclination, or even the urge, to get out. Now I’ll have a quick look at the news, and then I’ll  switch this machine off again.
Today’s Sunday Music is a little dancing music, a foxtrot titled Consolation, performed by the Savoy Hotel Orpheans together with singer Jack PLANT, recorded on the 12th of January 1932, a Tuesday.
I hope you like the music, may we all have a peaceful week – especially the British among my venerated readers, there may be a little disturbance at the parliament this week.



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  1. Goodness – what a memory he has Savannah !

    Thank you LẌ, sadly no fog here. I love it when the clouds rub their bellies on the land.

    A lot was already kicked, mostly dirt in faces I think dearest MsScarlet. I fear in the end the United Kingdom will stand there with absolutely nothing – no contract, no governement – and will blindly stumble into the oh-so-bright future.
    Some members of the parliament seem to think that there is still something to negotiate with “Brusselles”, despite the fact that it was clearly stated again & again that there is nothing left to speak about anymore – there will be no other contract, it is the end of the road. So they will not accept the contract the cabinet May reached, and the opposition will press for new elections. In the end everyone will loose : The conservatives will loose the cabinet, Labour will take over at the worst possible moment ever and whatever they’ll do it will be wrong, the UK will loose inner stability and unity, oh and access to one of the largest markets as a “member” because it choose to become a foreigner again.
    Sadly, in this case we can not blame the Russians. Putin already has enough to do with running the biggest part of the Northern hemisphere, the man can’t be everywhere, really …

  2. Maybe it’s all been caused by something bottle related!!!!
    Or, maybe not. Don’t look at me, I voted to remain.
    I agree about a General Election… it just makes the whole thing even more farcical.

  3. Could come earlier than expected LẌ … the worst case scenario is that the States do dis-unite, and Texas (with oil and everything else) would surely have a chance to stand for itself.
    I’d happily volunteer for becoming the Tex(i)an Consul in Germany !
    Or, if it fails, the Free University of Austin (or some high school !) could use a lecturer on German language and culture. I’m ready to learn anything Texian – hey, this would be an adventure !

  4. I am glad your blue trap was short lived. Winter has a way of doing that, doesn’t it? At least, where I live, there is a lot of sunshine so the doldrums are rare.

    There IS snow in Central Canada, and it is about to get much much colder starting tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it feeling like -40 C/F (they are the same!!) outside when I have to venture off to work. I am thankful for a well insulated house, proper clothing and boots, and a vehicle with a block heater (an electric warming element placed in the car’s engine block, with a cord running out through the car’s grill, to keep the oil from freezing solid in the bitter cold). One plugs it in when one has parked one’s vehicle for any length of time. Only required when temps dip below -15C.

  5. Ah, the Savoy Orpheans. My mother was of that generation, and always used the joke of the time that called them the Savoury Orphans. There was also the Savoy Havana Band: if memory serves, it was considered a scream to call them the Ahoy Banana Band. Thems were the days.

  6. I’ve been trying, without success, to find a mildly amusing cartoon relevant to this (and for feck’s sake we need humour here in the UK at the moment).

    It pictured a great German left wing writer sitting down, and was entitled Brexit means Brecht sits.

  7. Ponita dearest, I shiver only reading about -40°C ! Here the temperature is on a wild ride – we could watch the snow that fell for some days melt away within hours (!) on Saturday, but must prepare for the next snowstorm tomorrow.
    As for the little blue trap, sadly it expanded, but now it has shrunk again – and I’ll do my very best to keep it small.

    Yep, clean family friendly fun while they all were singing and swinging to the Chant of Weed, careless days, Autolycos

    Sorry, but the blue trap kept munching, dearest Eryl. I now have to read all your posts I missed, damn !

    Don’t fall off the bus, dearest Mistress, or get stuck in a snowdrift … Canadiennes, goodness, Canadiennes …

    Brecht is long dead, Looby, buried and forgotten. What I can not see or understand is what position the Labour party has towards “Brexit”, if any. Generally I can not really understand what the UK really wants – Tusk, Juncker and others are right when they say that it is not clear what the Parliament wants. Some of these guys seemingly think they can negotiate until St.Nimmerleinstag.

    Besser, LẌ, besser.

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