Sunday Music

Here we go again.
I have to admit that the “little blue trap” I mentioned in my last post (two weeks ago, sorry) became a little larger than I thought. And then this self-pity-gnome came by, you know the one ROSES successfully evicted some months ago, and tried to make a home here. I finally got rid of the malicious troll and buried the bastard in the garden.
There happened really nothing else, besides me looking glum, eating fast food & drinking cheap beer. I motivated meself to get up in the ddm* by thinking of my passengers – if a bunch of special needs kids can get up in the cold darkness and walk out into the freezing morning they have the right to expect a warm vehicle to be there in time to pick them up.

Today is the 27th of January, a special day of remembrance. The more hurtful is what happened last week in the Bavarian parliament, read here.
We must understand that in German parliaments a fascist party sits, that anti-semitism and racism is acceptable again for a large part of this society.
It is sadly not a German-only problem, but can be watched in most European countries, from France to Poland, from the Eastern countries to Italy.
I have no recipe against it, except education, humanist socialization. But when I look at the state of the German school system and the ongoing fragmentation of society with parallel sub-societies forming, I doubt that things will become better. Simple answers to difficult questions are preferred – what always was the case, but today simple answers have a far more reach than in earlier, pre-digital times. We see a new nationalism that needs scapegoats – and the scapegoats are “The Jews”, “The Immigrants”, “Europe”, in various order and with different emphasis, but it’s always the same.
And what we also can watch is how the digital, so-called “social” media can be manipulated and misused by interested parties that e.g. want to push a certain cretin for president.
This is not “dystopia”, this is what happened just some months ago, it is the reality we are living in.
The only thing one can do is try to think independently, check facts, and stay away from repeating what “everybody” says. Mr Everybody is usually a liar.

Enough of this empty Gebrabbel. Tomorrow I will start to work meself through the heap of stuff on my desk. I vaguely remember that i have to answer letters, I should check emails, I think there are even unopened envelopes – in short : It is time to come back and actually take care of my own affaires.
To start this week in a dignified and positive way we should turn to a little piece of music : Monique HAAS (Ger., Eng.) plays for us Claude DEBUSSYs (Ger., Eng.) Arabesque 1.
I hope you enjoy the music, may we all have a peaceful week ahead.



*ddm, damn dark morning, coined by SAVANNAH.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. So glad you’re back, and you buried the gnome with the help of your empathy and kindness towards your passengers. It will be spring soon, I can already see the days lengthening even though the weather is set to worsen.

    Like winter the fascists will recede, albeit they’re likely to have a longer season. At the moment it feels like the only thing to do is snuggle down and let it run its course, like a bad bout of flu.

  2. Some Sylvaner helped to drown the gnome, Eryl.
    And yes – the days are already longer, what I am thankful for. In earlier years I did not notice that in this intensity, now I am glad for every more minute of daylight.
    I hope you are right, as MsScarlet too, but I have some doubts.

    Yes Z, this has to do.

    Thank you LẌ, we’ll try.

    The grey inside is gone, the grey outside still abundances MsScarlet

    Just an update : Polish “Patriots” demonstrate in Auschwitz – article.
    And some merchandise you can buy in Poland – article.

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