As my two venerated Canadian readers, Ponita and The Mistress, mentioned, it is cold in Canada, even colder right now than usual. Also parts of the Northern US shiver from something called “Polar Vortex”. I think this is what we here in Germany commonly call the Russenpeitsche. Absolutely no bias in there, right ?!
I really would appreciate it if those of my venerated readers who are affected by the Polar whip, Russian or not, would stay healthy and all and avoid to freeze to death.
To cheer you up I trawled youtube – not for the obvious Sunshine Reggae – and finally decided to show the oldie but goodie This too Shall Pass by OK Go.
Take care.



9 thoughts on “Iglou

  1. Maybe this is an still unforeseen problem of climate change – analphabetism by snow ? I vaguely remember to have seen a headline yelling about a “snow bomb” to come to Britain, dearest MsScarlet, so the worst is possibly already over.

    But you rock a navy blue new coat with snow-proof pockets, dearest Mr Peenee.

    I am sure this Yak at IDVs played a role. Perhaps they sent all these modern planes over the channel as a distraction, and the real work is done by propeller driven single-seaters from WWII – all I say is cloud seeding, say no more !
    I wait for any kind of snow, but in fact I am confronted with a very nice early spring day. Confused birds are starting to sing. The air is still crispy cold, but the sunshine is marvelous, dearest LẌ !

  2. This time last year I was living in Kazakhstan, where temperatures wandered between -35 and -10, and having to bite my lip when all my European friends were moaning about A SHOCKING MINUS 4! The English make great complainers.

  3. The cold snap is starting to ease here in the Centre of Canada. I think the Polar Vortex is heading farther east. We’ve had days this week where it felt like -51C with the little bit of a breeze that was blowing. It was so cold, the plug for my engine block heater broke! Had to get it replaced today, as cars freeze solid when it is that cold. Well, the engine oil does (the block heater sits inside the engine in the oil and when it is plugged in, it keeps the oil liquid), and then it is almost impossible to get it started unless you get the battery boosted by a very powerful battery. One guy I work with waited 8 hours on Wednesday for the CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) to come boost his frozen car (he didn’t plug it in as he parked on the street) because they had 3300 calls for service that day. He spent the entire evening at work in the lunch room.

    It is brilliantly sunny when it is that cold here, but now that it is warming up (it will be around -13C on the weekend), we are in for an Alberta Clipper (another weather system from the west) that will be dropping up to 20 cm of snow starting on the weekend. So no matter what the temperature, we seem to always get something!

    As far as learning to cope with the cold, Ms Scarlet needs to come here for an immersive experience that she can take home with her. You learn better by ‘doing’ things, Ms Scarlet, than by just being told. Come on over! I’ll show you!!

    Mitzi, I have quite short hair, so probably wouldn’t win the prize for the most creative frozen hair. I’d definitely hang out in the hot springs, though!

  4. Back then I read that you were in Kasachstan, but I somehow did not fully realise that you were living there for longer Looby.
    To Kasachstan always the words “Kasachische Steppe” pop up in my head, and I have the image of a flat, cold, and empty country before my inner eye ; the landscape dotted with cosmonautic relics that tend to fall down there ; failed settlement projects like Arkalyk – all in all a pretty inhospitable place I assume.

    Homo ludens at his best, dear Mitzi.

    Covering oneself in Yak butter may also insulate against the cold IDV.

    I once saw a reportage about places in Siberia. There the people start their engines only once a year and keep them running through the cold. They seemingly switch them off only in spring or early summer to change the engine oil and do other service works. But I guess – 50°C would kill even an idling diesel sooner or later.
    I doubt that I could win something there either Ponita, they give no prizes for the best frozen cap …

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