Sunday Music

Shocking. Sunday Music on a Sunday.
The last week simply was. My co-driver had to see the doctor and hence fell out. I vaguely remember to have listened to her complaining about payne in the left arm in January. I asked her two times or so to see a doctor, and then gave in, she decided to be a hero. Unsung, of course. Now she can’t grab things with her left hand, and I guess she’ll be on sick leave the coming week too.
I drove with another colleague, who sadly can not keep his mouth shut. From the moment he enters the vehicle in the ddm he jabbers and rattles on & on. The older kids stuff earphones in their ears, the younger ones can’t escape, but found other ways to go deaf, mostly by staring in the distance. Wonder what cds I can dig up.
Now let us listen to a little piece of beautiful music, performed here by Branford MARSALIS (Ger., Eng.) and the English Chamber Orchestra (link, Ger., Eng.) under Andrew LITTON (Ger., Eng.) – Gabriel FAUREs (Ger., Eng.) Sicilienne (opus 80) (Ger., Eng.).
I hope you like the music – may we all have a peaceful and productive week ahead.



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. This is one of my most favorite pieces from his cd, Romances for Saxophone! Interesting bit of history: the MITM once took super nana and mr moose to see him perform at a jazz club in l.a. The kids had brought 2 cd’s of his in case they had an opportunity to have him sign them. Well, gracious man that he was and is, he signed them and also took the time to talk with super nana & mr moose about music and about them! It was a lovely experience and a sweet memory. xoxo

  2. Your temp co-driver sounds very much like my next door neighbour with his incessant chatter. I’ve had over the fence lectures on the possibilities and shortfalls of creating a biosphere on Mars followed by holographic phone calls of the future and micronutrients to name but a few. How do you stay focused Mago?

  3. This is a good thing – not only do you like the music, but it also triggered nice memories Savannah ! Very friendly from Mr Marsalis. BTW I had no idea about the title of his cd, I found this version accidentially (like all Sunday Music) when I was looking for a short piece by Faure.

    Very fitting LẌ, passt genau !

    Topics are of lesser interesse than cultivating Mars, more like “Look, a lorry !” Franconian drivers who aim their damn cars at my vehicle while they play with their smartphones keep me focused on driving mitzi, that is mostly avoiding collisions with idiots. And the occasional deer, but deeres can’t correct their behaviour, they simply do not know better, while the idiots are defined by their ignoring rules and basic common sense.

  4. Your job sounds extremely stressful and hazardous. Is the co-worker babbling with nerves? Perhaps play this piece of music to calm him down?
    Have a good week, Mr Mags, despite the chatter!

  5. Nerves ? Nah, all my co-drivers have white knuckles and pray, that’s normal, dearest MsScarlet. The kids are cool, chanting “Overtake ! Overtake !” now & then.

    Austere! You were missed – glad to hear from you, glad to learn that you like the music.
    Please please allow me to comment on your blog – IF you should decide to write a little more, perhaps, maybe … ach, limitless is my selfishness …

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