Sunday Music

This “new editor” for wordpress is not fully thought through. For example there is no possibility to simply insert additional or special characters. If I need a letter with an accent I have to turn to the “classic” editor. Sadly one can not use the “alt-codes“. What wordpress also does not like is justified text, but there is code for that.
Looking back on the last week I have a smug grin on my face. After all I did finally take care of things. Other things were not nice, but beyond my influence ; some things simply happen. Of course this makes it not easier or more bearable when finally time has come.
I am glad that I see the sun shine through the day. Fields start to green. Birds sing. A dangerous small wind from the West is always there ready to bite. Winter is not done yet, he will come back one more time, for one last punch.
But now is now – time for a merry little song : Monsieur François-Joseph GOSSEC (Ger., Eng.) composed a little gavotte, we hear it performed by Mikhail S. ELMAN (Ger., Eng.).
I hope you like the music – may we face a peaceful week !



11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I haven’t turned on the new editor. It keeps lurking ominously on the edge of the page and I keep ignoring it. I’m sure eventually the WordPress overlords will simply force it on all of us.

  2. I have noticed that Alt Codes no longer seem to work reliably in web browsers. So I use the Character Map utility for special characters. Alt Codes still work correctly in the Open Office word processor.

  3. I turned on the new editor, didn’t like it, and returned to classic editor. The new one did have a few bits I liked, but I like messing around with code myself.
    Sometimes I draft my posts in Pages [Apple] and then copy and paste it into WordPress – this way I have a copy of what I’ve been blurbing on about, and I think this is easier than writing directly into WordPress.
    Yep, I predict a cold snap in March….moving into Spring has been too easy so far so I’m not packing away my cardies just yet!
    Have a lovely week, m’dear!

  4. Sad but true, Tim. And “new” not necessarily equals “better”. Sometimes it is only the old mistakes done in a new fashion.

    I only use it because of the drop caps Mr. Peenee. But I will return to the old editor. When I sum it up, the old one is easier and more versatile.

    Now that you mention it LẌ, I tried alt-code in “calligra” but it did not work. So it is back to “openoffice” again.

    I usually avoid to play around with code, dear MsScarlet. I do not find it difficult to write directly into wordpress – as usual, make sure the backup works. Nowadays I use a proper word processor much less than in earlier days.
    The first real thick fog this morning, so frost on anything – it looked very very nice in the sun this morning ! Some patches in the wood were nicely frozen over and a bit slippy, but also looked tremendously fine.

  5. I hope you enjoy more warm and bright days. Here, it’s been a very mild winter–a few days of chilly and rainy weather followed by a week or two of warm sunny days. Then another few days of chilly rain. I like the cool weather. Spring is too short and summer usually hurricane season.

    I hope you have a wonderful week. The music is cheerful. Thank you.

  6. I always appreciate your music. I haven’t been around in a while, I know. Life has been exceedingly crazy.
    I tried WordPress about five years ago and didn’t like it at all. I ended up going back to Blogger, which isn’t the optimal platform but it’s easy to use. I wish they hadn’t gotten rid of Open ID, though. Because I don’t allow anonymous comments due to past abuse, people who don’t have a Google account aren’t able to comment on my blogs.

  7. P.S. After reading Tim’s comment, I have the thought that all too many people use Titanic logic before unleashing their products on the world. “Eh, it floats. What could go wrong?”

  8. I try dearest Z, I try.

    Schön daß es gefällt Annakamaga !

    Thank you for the good wishes Eros. Thankfully no hurricanes here, not yet at least …

    CaraMenschenskind ! Glad to see you here again. From what I read some months ago in one of your blogs (sorry, I forgot where) things have changed a lot around your place. I think you work(ed) in a delivery company.
    “Titanic logic” is a nice formulation, “gargantuan” comes to mind too, but fits not so well.

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