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I really like to drive a car, or a motorbike – anything with an engine. It still fascinates me that we can build a machine that moves us (and additional goods) around. A machine that enables us to go places without having to walk, run or climb, or taking care of the horses.
Friday morning was glorious, the roads were empty and dry – so empty that we started to wonder if we had missed something. I have to use better built roads, and some small ones, partially without a marking in the middle. I met the usual commuters, even the large buses were not in a hurry, all fine.
Then there are times when you are really happy to come home in one unharmed piece. Like Friday afternoon. Sadly  a narrow, idyllic and bending stretch of my daily route runs between two Bundesstrassen that serve as feeders to the autobahn. And oh so clever people do use this small road as shortcut. They come from all over Germany, different parts of Europe, over the last days there were oodles of Dutchmen.
All these people are idiots. They drive reckless like cretins, ignore the speed limit of 70 km per hour, and are a danger for other road users. Frayday afternoon I had to avoid the worst several times. Because middle markings are for the weak I had to swerve to the right to avoid an impact on one occasion, no clue why we did not hit the ditch. At least this shut up my blabbing co-driver. The third idiot decided to overtake despite me coming along so I had to stand on the brakes to avoid a head-on-collision, gladly no car directly behind me. The fourth cut me in a curve, again forcing me to an emergency brake. I had kids in my vehicle – if not,  I would have rammed the swine off the road.
On the way to my last stop I saw an accident at a motorway access, when I came back some more cars were ditched – this on a Bundesstrasse that is built for speed. One has a good overview while approaching, all you have to do is remove the foot from the accelerator, avoid wrecks & debris. But of course one can hit the heaps of crumbled metal full throttle – everybody needs a hobby.
Anyway, this was last week. One more week to go, then there will be some days off, I am really looking forward to this.

Let’s hear some music : Trumpeter extraordinaire “Bunny” BERIGAN (Ger., Eng.) (1908-1942) and his orchestra perform I Can’t Get Started in 1937. I hope you like the music. May we all have a peaceful week without accidents of any kind.



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  1. Never mind, all the cars will be driverless soon (except the ones that aren’t) and, just before you’re killed in the crash, you’ll be able to blame the programmers.

  2. There had been an accident on the main road yesterday – I don’t know details but have heard it was between a car and a motorbike and that an air ambulance took away at least one casualty – and it was shut for several hours. We went along a local small, single-track road in the evening. There was fog and it wasn’t possible to see far ahead, especially with headlights in my eyes – people did, at least, go slowly but they didn’t stop where they could do so safely, but barged along until we had to go into the grass and hope there wasn’t an obstacle.

    I like the “everyone needs a hobby” line…

  3. I don’t like driving because there are others drivers – they are very distracting. We had half term last week, and my lanes were peaceful as everyone had buggered off for a holiday, possibly to Germany?
    Stay safe, m’dear, and keep the kids out of the ditches.

  4. If I am ever able to fulfill my dream of travelling through Europe to see art, and some landscapes, I think it will be trains and buses – just sit inside and watch the scenery, not having to work the road will be part of the joy.
    Thank you for the good wishes Looby.

    The Dutch are usual drivers who obey 150% to the rules. They do for example exactly 130 on the autobahn etc. This works absolutely fine in The Netherlands, where all drivers do it, and it is very relaxed to drive there on the autobahn (at least do I remember it so) – but one can be a rolling obstacle at this speed when the average speed on the fast lane is just a little bit faster.
    Besides that they are crazy, usually in a friendly way – but I will heed your advice LẌ !

    You mean the last thing I’ll see is windows’ famous “blue screen” ? As it happens one of the boys’ father is an engineer who works in the field of “artificial intelligence”. We spoke about the driverless car now & then, and he said that they now discuss the car’s – or any other autonomous machine’s – “feelings”, perception, even “ethos”. I think this is barking mad : It is a machine, it has no feelings ! The thing can not be creative ; it can not feel nor fake emotions ; it is not, and never will be, “human” – it is, and ever will be, a thing. I wonder whether this is Pandora’s box for the coming years – I think less about independent cars, but of “helpers” in household and hospital. I can not believe that it is right to surrender old, weak, and sick people, helpless or impaired humans, towards machines and their “ethos”. Programmed by H. Himmler. But I may be too pessimistic there, sorry Tim.

    Drive by ear. Some fellow drivers have a seemingly inexhaustible faith in GOd. I am glad I was not yet forced into the meadows, dear Z, but I fear the day will come. In the end it may only be a question of mathematics and probability calculus …

    No worries dearest MsScarlet, I keep them out of the ditches !
    Sorry, no cars from the UK here – Dutch, some French, and the usual armada of Polish compact vans – they always make me wonder : What do they actually transport ?

  5. Yikes! That sounds very nerve wracking. I commute about 40 minutes each way to work but, as I live on the ‘flat as a tabletop’ Canadian Prairie, there are no twisting turns, hills and mountains. Here, it is sometimes the weather, but often distracted drivers (those on their mobile phones, or putting on makeup [just do that at home, stupid person!] or being an all round bad driver) so I have to keep my eyes peeled. I do a lot of yelling and swearing when I drive, which is something I have to control if I have passengers. Stay safe out there, Mago! Glad you have some days off coming.

  6. The music is wonderful. I love this old kind of swing!

    I’m glad your great driving skills and guardian angel kept y’all safe from the idiots on the road. Like Ponita, I find myself cursing and yelling when other idiots make stupid driving decisions and almost crash into me. It must be hard to stay polite with children present and some a$$hole just cuts you off or make a dangerous passing maneuver.

    Stay safe and warm!

  7. To be fair, the usual commute is much more relaxed Ponita, this Friday was an exception.
    Regarding those people on the phone – I do not get it. Some drive expensive cars that come with tons of electronic gimmicks – a damn hands-free device is usually built in, or comes at a few hundreds, peanuts when you have a cr worth several zig-tausend. Even my vehicle has an in-built microphone and is able to connect to a modern smart phone, or anything with bluetooth.
    As for the yelling & swearing, I usually keep cool when the kids are aboard, but that Friday I used some nasty words, but I simply take they did not understand …

    Glad that you like it Eros !
    Yes, I think in this particular situation it was a kind of angel who kept the vehicle on the road – and, what is more important, in line, because of the swerving. It could easily have ended in the oncoming traffic.As for the yelling …
    I try my best to stay safe – for the warmth nature is responsible : we have light frost at night (-5°C) and wonderful sunny days with up to 15°C (!) in the sun. I can drive with a window open in the afternoon, while I thank Ford for the electrically defrosting windscreen in the morning !

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