Sunday Music, Monday Edition

The world seems to go to hell in a basket. Murder in what ever direction one looks, be it the end of the world (at least from my European centric point of view) or a tramway in The Netherlands. Idiots grab guns and use them in the name of some disgusting ideology, killing random humans as “argument”.
I btw never believed that some one would imitate Breivig (Ger., Eng.), but obviously there is no limit on sheer stupidity and inhumanity.
I do not know what has changed how. All I see is a rising of intolerance in Europe, more antisemitism – notably in the East : A Polish newspaper last week published a handy guide “How to Spot a Jew“, while the Hungarian gouvernement runs placards in Budapest and elsewhere preaching a conspiracy theory about “Europe” and Mr SOROS (Ger., Eng.), the jew all right wing dimwits like to hate. And meanwhile the gouvernements of Poland and Hungary do “cleanse” the universities not only from “unwanted” (= not national enough) teachers but they kill whole faculties like gender studies and anthropology / cultural studies.
Granted that gender studies is not the central topic in Hungarian academia (not even twenty students), but it is not the state’s job to tell universities what subject to teach. And it fits all too well into Orban’s restrictive politics. The Poles go full hog in, read here, away with that modern crap, its not Polish enough.
Sometimes I think some of those guys are brain dead. I can not understand how they look at the world, it must be a world of fear and angst. The stage gets set for the march back into the brown thirties.
Enough ugliness.
Let’s hear some nice music. Here comes Duke ELLINGTON’s Caravan from 1937 – I hope you enjoy it.



May we all have a peaceful week.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. I think we all like to think that we currently live in a civilized society; better than our dark past. And we do, to our benefit. But sometimes. Sometimes, these inexplicable acts of savagery remind us that it still only a thin veneer.

  2. By the time the tune finished I’d quite forgotten about the horror you write of in this post. I think I’ll listen to it again now I’ve remembered and see if it works a second time. I love that laughing trumpet – it is a trumpet, isn’t it?

  3. Too true LẌ, sad but true.

    I think it is a trumpet with an “Einsatz” Eryl – I do not know how this thing is called in German or in English. It can be mounted in the opening of the trumpet, and it can be moved by hand by the musician to distort the sound / tone. If one is good – and The Duke’s men surely were – one can make it sound like a human voice. Sometimes trumpeteers used what they had at hand.

  4. Teilweisse hier auch mit den Braunen,scheissdrecknocheinmal.. grr.. . Anyway, I love Duke Ellington! Unfortunately the computer I am on has no sound. I’ll need to listen to this tune on my phone. I’ve been listening to a fair amount of jazz lately, specifically Dizzie Gillespie.

  5. Foam ! I am glad to see you again – hope all goes well for you. Is there even the possibility of a post – kann man’s glauben dürfen ?!
    Post or not – it is great that you dropped by.

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