Sunday Music

The last few days were good. A very precious guest was here, days were spent walking through the city, looking at art, going out for dinner – a taste of life as it should be.
This is all fine and nice until one finds oneself standing in the basement car park with a Sylvaner in one’s hands watching the car slowly driving out of sight.
To escape the big “Bööh” today, and simply because I needed to see something different than my old dusty books, I went out this midday for a walk around the village.
Right in front of the house I inhabit, one finds this yellow bush :

The plastic eggs appear over night.
The air was still cool, a small, biting wind now and then attacked. But all & everything is budding. The first bees and bumble bees are out, as you can see here :

Bee doing Bee Things (According to MsScarlet it’s a Wasp. Niko calls it “wasp or miniature hornet”, while Annakamaga opts for Schwebfliege or hoverfly.)

Let’s end this short post with some fine music : Ms Lucy REED ( Eng.) sings about a Lazy Afternoon. I have the impression that she sings about a day in summer when it’s time to lie down and watch the clouds. For this it was still too cold today, so I stood besides the water and listened to the brook’s murmur. Sadly I have no talent as seer, so the future was not unveiled to me. But while I stood and watched I saw movements in the water and finally could recognise some frogs. What I found uplifting and gratyfing for no special reason, “life wins” I thought, and don’t know why.



I hope you like the music – may we all face a bearable and successfull new week.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. YUM! What a delicious song for today, dear friend! Gorgeous blossoms are everywhere around here, too. We’ve been REALLY, REALLY, REALLY busy around here and I’ll be revealing why soon. Thank you for the lovely musical interlude. xoxox

  2. Anytime, Savannah ! What is going on at The Plantation ? Are you redecorating ? Is the family about to grow ? Questions abound. Whtever it is, I hope it goes smooth & well for you.

    I think it is still some weeks ahead Ostereierbaum LẌ. And it is not yet right – today this morning I was driving through sleet ! Not yet the real spring feeling …

    I have no clue dearest Scarlet – is it a wasp doing bee things then ?
    Thank you for dropping by, I hope you are feeling well, or let’s better say, as well as possible.

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