Avanti Dilettanti !

I fear this is a bit of a (not too coherent, but too long) rant, sorry about this.
But I do not understand anymore what happens in the UK and elsewhere. One may ask the British Parliament what one wants, the answer is always “no”.
Looking back on this “Brexit”-malarky there are two images that pop up in my head. One shows a big red bus with a slogan on its side, it may have been Farage’s tour bus, but I am really not in the mood to verify this. The slogan said (as I remember it, at least) that the UK could put gazillions of Pounds into the NHS per week after having left the EU. It was a lie back then, as it is still today.
The second picture is the one that shows the two groups of negotiators in one of the first meetings with the Brits on the left and an empty desk, while Barnier sat on the right side of the table armed with files, laptops etc. The Brits were grinning.
It started with a lie and was executed in a not too professional way.
At some point in the last week I had the impression that some MPs only lately understood that there is a topic of national importance on the table. But nevertheless particular interests ruled over the oh so holy national interest, nobody would dare to compromise. The result is a total mess.
And, more than that, it is a loss of face, it is damage to the Parliament that looks simply stupid, unable to do its job, a mere assembly of backstabbing, self-centered idiots. Some really seem to believe that another MP, preferably a man, could change the “deal”, the treaty that is on the table. Goodness.
In the end it can not be that a small island on the western end of the EU holds the whole Union hostage. It seems as if no one took it serious what was said by the EU from the start : There is no “raisin picking”, no a la carte menue. This treaty was reached in three years of painful and very nerve wrecking and demanding proceedings – take it or leave it. This terrible Trauerspiel can not drag on and on and on. The best thing would be a clean cut now with the UK leaving the EU for good in April this year.
You had your chance, you botched it.

What we see is the victory of fiction over facts from the start. A narrative of “greatness” won over critical assessment of what is and what could be.
And this is sadly what politics is today. It is about narratives not about facts.
The best example is right before our eyes : The Muller-report is in, sadly the by most people expected thunder-and-brimstone-happening took not place : Mr Barr sent a letter, and that was it.
Let’s face it : No one will read the “unredacted”, that is : uncensored (!), version of this report within the next few years. We know nothing about the parallel counter espionage investigation, and will never know.
Frankly I do not believe one word of Barr’s letter that basically says “Move on – nothing to see here !” Barr made clear before he was lifted into his actual position what he thinks about the whole Muller investigation, namely nothing – and, what is imho more important, in Barr’s world a sitting president can not be accused of something like “crimes” – oh no, the purest of the pure never can commit a crime. In Barr’s world the little fuehrer could actually stand on 5th Avenue and shoot people randomly, surely no crime, perhaps a little stress-related misbehaving, if so at all. Barr simply did his job, he kept the Donny clean.
Muller did what he had to do, he collected and verified facts, and reported what he found. He did not judge them. Barr did, based on his ideas and principles. But to my best knowledge, a secretary of justice, or whatever his correct title may be (“Justizminister” in German, tefloneur du chef in French), is no judge.

But the narrative of the “total acquittal” of the little fuehrer was already blared out when the letter was just in the post. The fiction is in the world, facts do not matter. And in this case, nobody knows the facts in full. With the notable exception of Mr Muller, who just turned around and went away. Very Roman, btw.
And all the little piglets sigh in relief and happily keep their snouts in the trough.
The Democrats are seemingly unable to fight this, the little fuehrer must feel invincible now. And so the train will rattle on through this year and through the next election campaign (that seemingly already started). I assume it will become really nasty.

Now let’s suppose for a moment that the opposition to the little fuehrer’s movement will get their act together, despite being let by two mummies. Let us assume they really find a way to get through the maze of lies, disinformation and outright propaganda that will fall from the sky and be bleated out of any “medium”. Let us assume there is a real chance that the Democrats win.
What will the little fuehrer do ?
Of course what he always does : Escalate. Escalate at any price. Yell “fraud”, “treason” – whatever. He can not accept to loose – and having less time in the White House than Obama. And there is still so many money to make.
At some point this whole thing will turn violent. Of course one needs not to be a seer to see this coming, but what frightens me is that it is a disaster “mit Ansage”. It is out in the open, nothing to hide, just trundling towards the abyss, sleep walking.
There are enough idiots who will happily don their silly “maga” caps, paint a swastika on their pathetic plywood shingles, and grab an automatic to fight for ‘Murca and “the Prez”.
The little fuehrer gives a shit (excuses) about victims – did he utter one word about the dead in NZ ? If so, I apologise, but I did not hear it. But he blabbed some days ago about “his friends” who will happily harass D/democrats.

This sad excuse for a man is rotten to the core, absolutely reckless, ready to do anything for his “success”. The damage he does inflict on the society as a whole is not yet assessable – and the chance to drag him out of the White House, preferably with a plastic fork (a nod to H.S.Th.), is gone.
But he likes the Boris.
Amerika den Amerikanern, Britannien den Briten.
Or in the words of unforgotten Crowley : Fac quod vult.
Now some fitting music.



Thank you for your patience. Perhaps I should simply quit reading the news.

11 thoughts on “Avanti Dilettanti !

  1. It’s not much fun being British or American at the moment! You are correct, nobody seems interested in facts anymore, and nobody reads the small print because it doesn’t fit on Twitter or Facebook.

  2. Brilliant! A search of your nod to HST led me to his eulogy for Nixon, which is an amazing read I hadn’t seen before. Thanks.

  3. Small print is always tedious MsScarlet, only jurists and historians read it by profession. Not the most exciting people on earth …

    Making table tennis great again ? Where have you been all the time Niko ? I thought you were lost over the Channel …

    Hello and welcome Spanishtater, thank you for your first comment. And you start with flattering me brazenly – well done. HST seemingly had a little obsession with plastic forks. A the golden days, when a man could watch the mushroom clouds from a LasVegas pool and stick his plastic fork in anything he wanted !

  4. The sadness, embarrassment and despair I feel, and the anxiety and fury I’ve felt for nearly three years, are overwhelming. I have never been the hating sort, but I would make voodoo dolls and stick pins in them, if I thought it would work.

  5. Needles and pins-ah may be a good start, dearest Z

    Control is definitely one of the main topics of “politics” LẌ – now I wonder what the official definition is – another thing to check. I vaguely remember that politics is “the art of the possible” or better “reachable” (“die Kunst des Möglichen”), but I forgot who saied it.

  6. My country is tethered to a sinking ship. It particularly irritates me that young people — who will be most affected by Brexit — did not vote for it. The ruling class are parasites, and how the British people repeatedly vote against their own class and national interest is a tribute to the ruling class’s ability to deceive.

  7. Who or what is “the ruling class”, Looby ? I think we need to clear the words, den Begriff. “Class” is something I learned about in connection with Mr Marx and his ideas about society, history, and its development. In more modern sociological models “class” was not used anymore, but replaced by “group” or “millieu”.
    Looking at Germany I can not see a “ruling class”. Especially the members of the German parliament are a not too homogenic group. There is surely an abundance of lawyers, but basically all “groups” of the society are represented. There is no automatism that brings you into the parliament, secures one a seat there. Of course one has to have a close look at the parties that in the end pave the way. But again – there is a difference between making a party career in the SPD, the CDU or the Green Party – they filter through very different personalities.
    “Class” always has to me the ring of “being born into”, of “being entitled” for what ever reasons. I can not imagine that the mother of all parliaments in the UK works this way. Just because one is born into a certain family of rich people does not entitle one to be part of “the ruling class”. A dold is a dold, no matter how. There surely are mechanisms installed to sort out the dolds, arnt’ they ?
    Of course I have no idea about the voting system.
    What I learn from the news is that the voting system in the USA is clearly open to manipulation, I think it is called “gerrymandering”, and it is used to get rid of “unwanted” candidates who could represent groups like coloured people of any kind etc. This is a scandal in its own right, but I do not think that something like this works in the UK. Or does it ?

  8. I think the German and British notions of “class” are very different. Over there you have workers’ representatives on company boards and better employent terms and conditions. Here, we have a more rigidly layered society with corresponding levels of income. We have very great inequality between those on the minimum wage and the wealthy.

    You say that ““Class” always has to me the ring of “being born into”, of “being entitled” for what ever reasons. I can not imagine that the mother of all parliaments in the UK works this way. Just because one is born into a certain family of rich people does not entitle one to be part of “the ruling class”.

    But that is exactly how it does work. The ruling class — or to make it clearer and less mixed up with sociological notions of what that word means — the rich — preserve their privilege and are constantly seeking to keep others lower down the social scale from sharing it. In the case of outr Parliament, 45% of Conservative MPs were privately educated, compared to 7% of the general population.

    And still they can’t sort out this mess we’re in!

  9. So it may only be a question of time when “yellow vests” will march through London ? The “Brexit” seems to divide the whole society along a new line (or along older faultlines, I do not know enough about this, sorry) – and I have the impression that it gets even tenser.
    I have no idea about Corbyn, I simply do not know his positions – maybe he was a little evasive perhaps ? But what baffled me from early on was that the opposition was not involved from the start, after all this is a “thing” of national importance that changes the lives of all subjects of Her Majesty, so all representatives of “da peopell” should be involved – and if it is only for avoiding the “pointing-finger-games” post festum, so that no one can evade responsibility and shovel all that goes wrong (and some things will go wrong miserably, always) to the “opposition”.

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