Sunday Music

And a sun day it was. For the first time since I-don’t-know-when I went outside for a longer walk. First I went from bench to bench, but at some point I decided to leave the trodden path, and went via an unkempt small footpath right through the bushes up the hill. Of course my heart was pounding against my chest, of course I could have wrung the sweat out of my shirt if I would have wanted to expose myself to the elements, but the whole endeavour felt worth it when I finally stumbled on the well maintained way on top of the hill.
I flopped on one of these new curved resting benches and had a nice view over the village feeling really good.
The way back was foolproof. I noticed new markers on some wine yards. It seems as if a local winemaker sold his fields to a well known Weingut on the other side of the city – so their expensive White Burgundy grows now in front of my doorstep.
Without further delay, let’s hear some nice music : Today it is The Allman Brothers’ (Ger., Eng.) Jessica from their 1973 lp Brothers and Sisters (Ger., Eng.) – I hope you like the music, and it makes you feel good.
May we face a bearable week.



13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Glad to fill this in, dear Z !

    Yer welcome, MrPeenee. “Cheery” is exactly what I was looking for. Jessi makes one feel easy.

    HA – nothing tedious about this, dear LẌ ! Thank you for the link. I did not know that Steadman has published books about wine. He may not be wrong about the Tafelwein … wonder what he has to say about “Kabinett”. These categories shall vanish in the future, and be replaced by other words I forgot, sorry. Will look it up later.

  2. “Tonight on Top Gear, James drives slowly; Richard crashes another car; and I slap a production assistant.”

    PS: Top Gear is on DMAX cable channel in Germany.

  3. Produced by The Accelerators. Sorry for being not up-to-date, dearest MsScarlet, and thank you for dating me up. I heard it mentioned, but never actually saw the programme.

    There is a tv-set involved ? Then excuse me please LẌ. I remember that there was a minor scandal when one of the show’s presenters slapped someone because the steak was not ready or something serious alike. I think they then switched to another, private, station. And yes, I think they are a bit accident-prone.
    Perhaps it should be re-named to “Old geezers crashing expensive cars” ? Topics could include “How to exit a sports car without disc prolapse ?”, “Cheap eye doctors for hire” or “Pimp my wheelchair”.

  4. I had to google (or better : startpage) all of them Niko. About the Triumph I had at least a vague idea. Top Gear seems to be around for quite a time …

  5. I had to startpage Mr Needell, sorry IDV. I wonder what he had with Mr Mansell ? They seemingly banged each other at Donington ?

    I would oblige dutifully and happily IDV, but this depends really on the weather. Actually it is drizzling – it is this fine wetness that soakes any fabric – and using the path I used last weekend is a bad idea, because the soil becomes very slippery when wet. Perhaps this would lead to interesting action shots when I slide down, and have the nerve to press the button while avoiding trees and the abyss. But it is a friendly incitement, thank you ! Of course I can not compete in any way with your fab Beach Meanderings, and I am sad to foretell that no groyns, shags or cormorants will be involved. Perhaps one or another tit, but frankly, I doubt. Nevertheless I’ll give it a try !

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