In case you accidentially see a middle aged man of not very high built and small embonpoint, who looks a bit confused, wears a vanilla coloured vest and a beret of undefined colour, please be so kind and point him in the correct direction.
Just to be sure, because this discreption is a bit vague after all, his unique feature is a little black suitcase, a real one, not one of these things people trail behind. He may seem to be a bid “unstable” on his feet, but it is not caused from drink or ungodly shenanigans, but from work in the bookmines.
Usually friendly & carefree, just do not mention words like “removal”, “relocation”, “moving box” et al. Also a discussion about “cataloguing” is not recomended. Avoid libraries in general as dinner conversation, and all will be fine.

11 thoughts on “Eloped

  1. Vermeide die Kinder vom Bahnhofzoo. I do knows what you look like. And as long as you follow your nose, you should be fine.

  2. I hope this little black suitcase wielding gentleman managed to get to where he was supposed to be? And that he managed to leave the literature in the book mines?
    Perhaps now is the time to break out that television?

  3. I am still no wiser! Have you been united in wedlock or have you been to a wedding?
    Oh, this is all too much for me!
    I shall drink some bubbly to you.I can manage an all-encompassing toast so I shan’t upset anyone if I am uncertain about this event! Sante!

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