Sunday Music, Monday Edition

I spent part of the last weekend on an expedition to the Suebian waterfalls (Ger., Fr.). Upstream, through the dense forest, water rushing, wind tousles trees fearfully bowing, slippery jungle gunge everywhere, eyes of unknown creatures glimmering out of cavities – in fact one is lucky to see a furry little creature cross the path, and I learned that the fat birds with white chests are “Wasseramseln” (Ger., Eng.). I think I saw an “Eisvogel” / kingfisher, but am not sure.
At the famous waterfall’s bottom I understood how Diogo Cao (Ger., Eng.) and his men must have felt when they reached Ielala (Eng.) and felt the need to leave an inscription, but I was not allowed to do this, its nature reserve.
So it was climbing up in search for the origin of the suicidal creek ; as reward I had an ice cream on a stick, bought from the kiosk, on the meadows, on top of the spectacle.
It was a great afternoon.
And because we were pelted with hail on our way back, here comes Stormy Weather in the version of Sydney BECHET (Ger., Eng.), together with André REWELIOTTY (Ger., Fr.) and his orchestra from the 1956 lp Dansons Samedi Soir. I hope you like the music – may we all have a non-stormy week ahead.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. Wow, that terrain is beautiful! I love the photo of the water flowing down the stone steps. I would love to hike around there.

    Sidney Bechet! That’s a fun rendition of Stormy Weather. I remember when listening to the “Oldies” on the radio was music like this, from the 1930s and ’40s. I loved it and grew up listening to this type of sound. It’s a bit sad that I can’t just turn on the radio to hear this anymore but I’m glad that I got to hear this today.

  2. To say the truth, dearest MsScarlet, it’s ages since I had a good mooning.
    Glad you like the music.

    The Alb is full of hiking opportunities. And it is basically impossible to miss the path – even the wildest local anarchists would not dare to move or vandalise one sign the “Schwäbische Albverein” put up : Big big big NoNo ! And chances are that the wild-bearded muscleman on that heavy motorbike is the secretary of the section Middle Alb West …
    When I switch on the radio in the morning it is mostly the same, actual, “sound” that comes out of it : Generic pop music, running for 24 hours. (Reminds me always a bit of Zappa, I’m the slime coming out of yer radio …)
    I find it interesting to learn that a station dedicated to classical music (Bayern 4) runs the most colourful niche music sections, dedicated to all different kinds of Jazz, world music (not what some Westerners did, but there you can hear music from f.e. Burkina Faso or places in the Far East), experimental stuff, modern composers etc.etc. Admitted, it is usually late in the night, but nevertheless, they do it – and I found nothing comparable on German airwaves ! The only thing I criticise is their terrible obsession with Wagner – I am sorry Gwyneth, but he’s the only “modern” composer with whose work I can not deal – ich kann mit seinem HumptaHumpta einfach nichts anfangen ! I think it’s circus music. Only some of Milhaud’s pieces are similar annoying. There, I said it.

  3. We collided LẌ !
    Don’t worry ! Real cars are always on topic ! Mammamia, tons of pictures – and hey, even the “Volksporsche” is on display – sorry I have to go and look …

  4. What’s all this talk of honeymooning??? Your hike sounds lovely, especially the reward at the top of ice cream. And as everyone seems to say, just wait 5 minutes and the weather will change. Glad you had a lovely time!

  5. Some of my venerated readers seem to be obsessed with mooning, dearest Ponita. I have no further explanation for it.
    The ice cream was, as IDV put it, a nice sign of civilisation in the wilderness.

    The Suebians have a tendency to put a lot of things on a stick, like sausages, ice cream … Most of them use sticks when they leave the house and hike. In fact they are a little stick obsessed. SOrry for the lack of groynes and cormorants, dearest IDV.

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