Sunday Music. On Tuesday. Again

I am sorry for being late again. It’s gray and cold in Franconia today – we could really have a little bit of summer now : We earned it !
If there is no summertime outside, we can at least have Summertime inside, here in the version of Artie SHAW (Ger., Eng.). I hope you like the music, may we all have a good time. Apologies for this short & hasty post, but my nose is running, and sweat drips from my brow, chances are that I caught a cold – bah !



6 thoughts on “Sunday Music. On Tuesday. Again

  1. Yes, innocent Sunday fun with Dick and Roddie ; some of your readers seem to have a gay phantasy, dear MsScarlet.
    Glad that you like the music.

    Sorry LẌ, I could not find this in the pharmacy. So it is a hot bath and careful wrapping.

    Glad that you like the music Looby. Living is easy when the fish are jumping, just ask Dick ‘n Roddie.

    You say you performed this, dearest Z ?! I think it is all right to say that very few can clarinet like Archie. Of course I have no real clue about this instrument (never played a wind instrument), but I find it fascinating how he “leads” the tone(s) – if this is correctly expressed. And I find it generally a very interesting take on Summertime.

  2. Ah, Summertime. It may not have been around on Tuesday, but it seems to have put in an appearance now – It’s hot and sunny in Northest of Norfolk, and I hope it’s the same for you so you can bask for a bit and banish that cold!

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