Sunday Music. The Original – on Mondays

Devon darling MsScarlet is dissatisfied with the “consistency” of this Sunday Music “event” : Sunday Music on a Monday, or – GOd forbid ! – on Tuesdays is “JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH” ; hence she “stages an intervention” and “from now on will be the hostess” of this gathering, offering tea & one crumpet per person (!), and for starters something subterranean by The Jam. Read her diatribe here. She also threatens her frightened readership with re-enactments of the Battle of Hastings. This shall happen “EVERY SUNDAY” from now on, until eternity.
One may be inclined to harbour some diminutive doubts.
Given cherished MsScarlet’s well known consistency in abandoning projects, the gentle reader may wait for next Sunday “on tenterhooks”, anxiously : Will she “select an appropriate tune” ? Will she “say something fitting about the philosophy of baking products” ? Will she turn her blog into a knitting blog, like the early Infomaniac once was ? Will there be cream allowed to the lonely, single crumpet ? What about the butter-stick “incident” ?

Speaking of Cream (Ger., Eng.), here’s a little song they performed towards the end of their reunion concerts in 2005, aptly titled We’re Going Wrong.
I hope you like the music, even when it’s a bit longer than usual : May you not err from the promised path, may we face a gentle week.



18 thoughts on “Sunday Music. The Original – on Mondays

  1. I, like several other commenters,am concerned about the stingy level of the threatened “refreshments.” Presenting a solitary crumpet to this lot is just asking for trouble.

  2. Good Grief. Don’t you poke me with a baguette, dearest MsScarlet !

    Just refuse anything she offers with “stick” in it’s name Peenee, you’ll end up with knackers crumpet all over you ! On the other hand, it may be a trippy kind of experience …

  3. Has she gone?

    * looks around carefully and decides it’s safe to speak *

    You do bring up a good point, dear Mago: “Given cherished Ms Scarlet’s well known consistency in abandoning projects…” I must admit, I do wonder how long this Sunday Music Malarkey will last? I expect it must be quite an intensive undertaking?

    Now. Did someone mention trifle?

    * presents bowl and spoon expectantly *

  4. This may be some unforeseen complication from Brexit! Perhaps when all is said and done, it may require an EU Wonky Words and a UK Sunday Music to keep everyone happy?

  5. I hope it will last long IDV, variety delights !
    No pressure there, really. [Teehee …]
    I do not find searching for “Sunday Music”, or the whole enterprise, intensive – in fact I just trawl dutube, or similar channels, until I find something that suits, or “clicks”. (And if nothing “clicks”, there is always the Travel Film Archive.)
    There is no “program” of any kind, just my curiosity – in fact I feel I should expand my horizon a bit and look more into modern / actual stuff. Perhaps too many dead white guitarreros lately. But no worries, this will not turn into the charts up and down. The only persistent properties I look for in those clips are – if possible – under four minutes, and a little sideways.
    Jon does regular musical posts in his own unique way, I think he started this even earlier than me.
    It will be enthralling to have “Sunday Music : The Official Version” thrown into the mix ! MsScarlet’s baguette will surely prod me into more regular activity. And of course it is also flattering to serve as a model and inspiration for fellow bloggers.
    Special thanks to MsScarlet for mentioning trifle – of what I had only a vague idea before. Here and there are some examples to stick your spoon in. I will definitely try this at home !

    You mean, I should make MsScarlet an offer she can’t refuse ? This will surely entail a lot of baking goods LẌ. In the end I’ll have to take care of that crumpet …

  6. I blame the Sylvaner, MsScarlet. Thank you for reminding me of your “Jukebox Monday” series that ran between November ’08 and September ’09 : You led the way and preceded me !
    Seems that my first post properly titled “Sunday Music” appeared only in January 2010.

  7. Thank Goodness! and you, of course, dear friend, for something in its for-now-usual-place, as in Sunday Music on Monday, even though I’m reading it on Tuesday, but I digress…as usual for me these days, but that’s a story for another time…and place. BUT, again, as I said over at MsScarlet’s place, I’m floundering and can’t even organize my thoughts for a proper blog post. I’m OK, just sort of rootless, tumbling, floating in the not so ether world of LaLaLand! xoxo

  8. Thank you for this nice gesture MsScarlet, I really did not expect that my “apologies are accepted” : Harmony is restored ! And I’d never call you “fickle” ! Isn’t it a sign of a genius to be easily swept into new exciting projects ? I am sure you’ll leave a special mark on this ol’ Sunday Music. There is always a candle burning in the chapel of Unsere Liebe Frau mit der Feder !

    No need to worry dearest Savannah, Sunday Music will be delivered to your screen as usual, as it was over the last nine years or so.
    Couch surfing in LaLaLand seems to be a bit challenging – I really hope you and the MITM will be able to end this camping trip soon ! It’s some weeks now since you moved.

  9. Clever !

    But I’m helpless at kalligraphy – the only thing I “can” is the large “G”, obviously because I had to write it often enough … I am very fond of MsScarlet’s little gs.

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