Sunday Music

I am just happy to be here and do nothing. The last few days of driving were brutal. As I may have mentioned, there is a large roadworks site at the autobahn, and there are always ( = every day !) accidents. Usually it goes off cheaply, but sometimes it does not, as in the second half of last week. There were some very nasty accidents that let to repeated full closure of this important East-West connection. And because some semitrailers burnt down completely, they needed to repair the tarmac too – in the end you found damn HGVs on the smallest and most narrow “roads” on offer within a radius of ten kilometers around the barred section.
Hero of the day was a Belgian trucker who insisted on driving through the Rettungsgasse, emergency corridor. Of course the idiot got stuck and the rescue workers were forced to carry their heavy equipment to the accident’s site for a kilometer at thirty degrees Celsius. His justification was that he needed to pee. I think he should be pilloried at the service station for some hours.
My plan was to leave for the bookmines on Tuesday, sort there what still needs to be sorted, have some days off in Suebia, and then return. But as I learned, the cabinets I additionally need, are not yet installed. Reliable information by the man who ordered the cupboards is only available after the holidays. As I assess it, it will cost some days until they will have this finished, so I unexpectedly face a week of holidays – ha !
To get into the holiday spirit, let’s groove : Here is Aretha FRANKLINs (Ger., Eng.) 1968 live version of The Rascals’ (Ger., Eng.) Groovin’ On a Sunday Afternoon (Eng.) – I hope you like the music.
What could be better than one Sunday Music ? Two of course : Do not hesitate to visit Ms SCARLETs Sunday Music !
May the coming week be dry, spam-free, and without accidents !



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Two lots of Sunday Music?!? So where am I going to get my “Sunday Music on a Monday/Tuesday” fix from?? I’m going to have to do it myself, aren’t I…

    Ug. Accidents and traffic jams. But: unexpected holiday – Yay!

  2. No worries IDV, der alte Schlendrian wird bald wieder da sein.. I know myself well enough ; it’s just because the mark where MsScarlet branded me with her steaming baguette is still hot.

  3. I meant to come here last night but was distracted by a miserable dog who wanted a walk – the rain having disrupted the usual routine.
    Yep, I know about the HGVs that suddenly appear in the narrow lanes leaving no option than to dive in a ditch to avoid them.
    Don’t Belgian truckers carry plastic bottles to pee in? That’s what British truckers do – they pee in empty coke bottles and then leave their deposits in lay-bys.

  4. The weather over the last week was absolutely bonkers : From more than 33° C to less than 22° overnight, from scorching sunshine to heavy wind and abundant rain within a day, a rollercoaster.
    This Belgian blockhead had several options – as a man, in a traffic jam, behind a large vehicle, bottle or not : He chose the most reckless and stupid solution, putting people in danger.
    If I ever win the lottery, one of the most luxurious things will be (besides living in a commodious house or appartement) not to drive by meself : Traveling should not mean staring at the road to avoid being killed by an idiot with a mobile.
    I hope you and Sid are in dry, warm and safe environments, dearest MsScarlet, as I saw on gargle news there is a killer on the run in your part of the island – ?!
    PASCAL was right : “Tout le malheur des hommes vient d’une seule chose, qui est de ne pas savoir demeurer en repos, dans une chambre.” (Link.)

  5. Oh – it looks like the incident occurred in South Devon. Crikey. How I long for a slow news day, or a global fixation over whether a dress is white and gold, or blue.

  6. I can’t wear gold. White is a bit tricky – stains everywhere ! – so it is boring old blue. But sometimes i use colourful socks and the loud shirt now and then.

  7. I just phoned the bookmines LẌ, they will find out how things stand at the moment – if anything stands : The additional cupboards should have been delivered last week, but I am sure they are not – we’ll see.
    I spent the morning at the doctor’s for the annual examination. It is always funny when he turns on the sound while he looks into my thorax via that ultrasound machine, it splurges and gushes. According to my gp I am terribly healthy, even all these nasty things they can measure in the blood are within the required parameters. I asked especially about the sugar, because I fear diabetes, and it is also uncritical.
    The internet is great : How should I have ever learned about “Trucker Bombs” without this blog ?

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