Sunday Music

I am very sorry to disturb you, venerated reader, by violating the “old order” that you are used to – and actually post a “Sunday Music” on Sundays !
I blame the weather. It is grey and cold, and rains and rains and rains.
If you’d ask me what I did last week, I could not tell one “important” thing I did. I read, I slept (a lot), looked out of the window, rode my bicycle a bit around the village, all terribly exciting. I think I’ll leave for Suebia tomorrow – why hang around alone, when one can hang around in company ?
There I will try to avoid the news, it is all too depressing. I do not want to watch ruthless ignorance rule, it makes no difference in what direction one looks. There is no need for daily “updates” on the behaviour of the ruling scum, it’s all too predictable and deeply disappointing.

So let’s turn around and look at pleasant things, like MsScarlet‘s collages : Do not hesitate to visit her site, read her blog, and inspect her wares. But the Devon dervish not only does a “Sunday Music” too, she and Dinahmow of More Idle Thoughts host July Map Month, this summer’s must-be-there-event.
This all was triggered by Mr Inexplicable DeVice’s treasure map.
If you feel lost – help yourself, draw a map ! Look at other people’s maps, over the coming weeks they should be available via the blogs I mentioned. All together, each & single map, will contribute to an Atlas of Everything – that of course never existed, exits or will ever exist. A hopeful continuation of our futility.
What reminds me that some days ago wordpress let me know that I registered at wordpress nine years ago ; in fact my first wordpress post was published in June 2010, while my first post at all came up a little bit earlier.
Let’s hear some nice music : Today it’s a title called Canadian Sunset (Eng.), here in the version of Hugo WINTERHALTER (Ger., Eng.) and his orchestra (1956) with composer Eddie HEYWOOD jr. (Ger., Eng.) at the piano.
I hope you like the music, may we have a relaxed, and peaceful week ahead.



5 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Wow! An Atlas of Everything! I like it. And for some reason I also relate to the hopeful continuation of our futility.
    It was my WordPress anniversary today as well. I have been on WordPress since 2014 – so it only took me 4yrs to follow you across from Blogger.

  2. I second Ms Scarlet’s take on your map-making marketing. And I hope there might be a little something from the pen of Mago during July?

    “Canadian Sunset” was very lovely and relaxing – so, surely not associated with our awol Canadian Mistress? But it does remind me that I need to choose between the myriad of sunset photos that I took on Friday evening, otherwise my next post will be full of sunsets.

    Safe travels to Suebia!

  3. 5 years of MsScarlet on WordPress !
    I doubt that you “followed” me – you are your own master.

    I’ll try to pen a map or something IDV, but I fear my hand is very unstable.

    You think she’s in her twilight years now, dear Mitzi ? Bound for House Shady Pine

    How many of his paintings are of this kind – light / open windows from the right, person looking to the left / into the light standing in front of the wall ? He must have had his camera installed in the living room … Less of an adventure LẌ, more looking for peace.

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