Sunday Music on Mondays

Rright, here we are, back from cloudy and humid Suebia in Franconia’s scorching heat. Today we’ll break the 30°C barrier, and, as the weather people predict, the 40 is within reach on Wednesday. All melting to plan.
Last week was good, a taste of life as it should be. My inner housewife awoke & broke out, I cooked eatable stuff, there was even time to walk around and look at things, mostly ruins of once fortified castles – yes, Suebia lies in ruins, but picturesque, quaint even. Franconian ruins tend to being grey, scuffed on the edges, clipped, but Suebian ruins are nicely groomed and look fresh. Like just unwrapped.
The Alb is a good place. The air is clean, temperatures are always four grades lower than in the valley below, at some occasions one drives uphill right into the sky ; the aboriginies are mostly friendly : Dead tourist no good, this one does not come back for more, as they usually do, like me for example.
I returned yesterday, started the vehicle this morning, and there we go. The kids are alright, my codriver also had restful two weeks and finds nothing to moan about, seems we are bound for Days of Wine and Roses.
Here in the version of Wes MONTGOMERY (Ger., Eng.), Melvin RHYNE (Ger., Eng.) and Jimmy COBB* (Ger., Eng.) from the 1963 longplayer Boss Guitar (Eng.).
I hope you enjoy the music, drink enough water, and stay in the shade. And : Do not hesitate to visit that other Sunday Music.


A bit of a shame that so fine music comes under such a daft title


* BTW, Jimmy COBB is the last living member of the group around Miles DAVIS who recorded Kind of Blue in 1959 : This August it will be sixty years since the album was released.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Music on Mondays

  1. Nice and mellow, Mr Mags.
    We have had more shade than sunshine here, though rumour has it that that’s about to change. We are going to have a year’s supply of sun delivered at the end of this week.
    I think I’m a ruin that’s nicely groomed and looks fresh!
    Pleased you had a nice break.

  2. Yes, the weather should be better managed, especially the supply chain managment leaves a lot to be desired. Last week in Suebia some months worth of rain was brought to my doorstep, while now we may face hot air from Northern Africa. I wonder if the fascists will demand its extradition because it is falsely claiming asylum … “Doht’s not German Luft !”
    I am pretty sure that you are nicely groomed 6 look fresh as apetal regardless of the circumstances, even in a rain coat on the proverbial muddy field when Sid had you dragged through the bushes, the vicious creature.
    BTW it is very hard to come up with architectural flattery.

  3. WOW! Sixty years since Kind of Blue was recorded? Talk about an enduring piece of music! Glad your vacation was delightful. We’re having lovely weather out here in Lalaland, but it will be turning hot by the end of this weekend. I almost don’t even miss the Plantation! xoxo

  4. I take this as training LẌ. I try to stay cool as an iceman, especially when hobby racers overtake at the worst possible occasion, and it works so far at least. Also works the airconditioning unit in the vehicle, it is noticeable stronger & quieter than the older version.

    Yes, it is incredible Savannah, a real milestone with an “before” and “after”.
    I hope you avoid fire, water and earthquake there, and will find the right place soon.

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