The Evil Clown

I think the worst thing that can happen to a true Narziss (Ger., Eng.) is to be laughed out of court.
Yes, I read too much “news” over the last much too hot days, and of course I hint at the G20 Summit in Osaka (Ger., Eng.) that is about to start, or already beginning, time zones confuse me, sorry. I think there is a real chance for a very uncomfortable confrontation between some of the gathered personnel. Basically it could be described as “American Leader” versus the rest, of the (more or less) civilsed world. Hopefully sooner than later, it will be unavoidable to speak clear words to the imbecile, on a level even he can understand.
And it is possible that the German chancellor will play a role in this contingent scenario. She is in her last term, and I think she became more outspoken over the last weeks or months, at least a bit. She always avoided open confrontations as much as possible, but she can draw a line too. And perhaps she decides that it is the time to do this.
The result would very likely be another major, and impotent, tantrum or melt down, twitter blaring, yelling, even more ludicrousness, if that is even possible.
But I can not help myself, I can not suppress the feeling that the freak show actually called “American foreign policy” is not the really important “event” on stage. I think what happens within the American society is in the long view more important, and more frightening.
As I once said here before, this “administration” under the “leader” is a symptom, a poisonous & ugly mushroom that grows out of a (not so subterranean, but very visible, & very active) mycelium (Ger., Eng.) called Republican party & friends : They made this obscenity possible, they stick to it – and, of course, they could (still) get rid of it. They could toss this whole gang out. And in some years this thing will be “history” anyway – but until then they grab what is in reach, and reverse any progressive politics this black man had introduced.
The actual decision of the Supreme Court about the praxis of “gerrymandering” is a major victory. I believe, later historians will have no difficulty to describe this as the official starting point of the US’s road into a one party system. This practice is deeply undemocratic & subverts the (already not realised) idea of “one man, one vote”. It delivers to those in power now the perfect tool to stay in power for time coming – one does not necessary need to ad the next census, but it helps.
The Republicans have absolutely no scruples to use this tool(s), as representatives openly admitted through the hearing at the court. They can’t see nothing wrong in it.
Of course, this is a pure inner-US development, who am I to judge ? I do not “judge”, I look at this and have to ask myself how such a development is possible, and where it can lead to. And I see that the last remaining “super power” on earth is run by an openly corrupt administration stuffed with incompetent people, with a moral and intellectual blank at the helm. And this outfit is given the tools to stay in power as long as they find someone who can use a calculator and a detailed geographical map.
This is pretty mind-boggling, isn’t it ?!
I do not reproach or blame the people who actually voted for “the leader” for whatever reasons, mostly, I guess, out of discontent, out of a feeling of being abandoned, unheard & ignored. Or simply because the opponent’s attitude was a tad too arrogant. But those guys who bankrolled this candidate (like the brothers Koch), those who enabled this deeply flawed individual’s progress despite being in a position to understand the consequences of their “dealing” (apparatchiks like this “Mitch” figure), they are to blame : They are responsible for all what will come out of this political cartoon, this never ending, lousy soap opera.
But may this be as it will, let’s hope that they do not keel over laughing at that funny man from Washington over there in Japan. Not openly, at least.

4 thoughts on “The Evil Clown

  1. The news is dismal, Mr Mags. Too much politics going on, unedifying politics at that. The kings – they want us back in rags, begging and eating scraps from the floor.
    Crikey – let’s talk about the weather and play good music to distract us from all the politics!

  2. Well, the UK will soon be run by an openly corrupt administration stuffed with incompetent people, with a moral and intellectual blank at the helm, and as a result will become a superpower.

  3. Superpower was said ironically, of course….

    I’m not sure of the exact difference between a clusterfuck and a shitstorm. We seem to be in the midst of both.

  4. Escape via art, why not ? Maybe our lives need aesthetic reconditioning : Down with uglyness, let beauty reign ! Kalos k’agathos as the Greek said.
    These stupid world politics pale & become unimportant after LẌ’s announcement, dearest MsScarlet. I’m still shaken.

    Well observed, this is only the logical consequence Tim. Obviously one needs to be a moral and intellectual blank to lead at least a Western power, I have no clue about the intellectual abilities (or their lack) of Eastern “leaders” while there can be no doubt about their moral emptiness bordering on nihilism.

    Cum grano veritatis, dearest Z. We are definitely living in interesting times !

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