Sunday Music

It is remarkably hot, and remarkably quiet outside. No dog walkers, runners, masochists on bicycles ; very few traffic on the village road.
The heat sits over the land. I woke up very early and toyed with the idea to travel today, but at 08:00 it was already as warm as last evening on the balcony, or at least it felt so. The prospect of walking over heated concrete floor & cobble stones unprotected from the sun’s might – no trees in the farmyard I should have been visiting in Middle Franconia – did not fill me with enthusiasm. Also the idea of spending roughly three hours in a carriage of Deutsche Bahn, with the very good chance of a broken down air conditioning machine, is not very uplifting.
So I closed windows, doors, blinds & curtains, slept for a few more hours & spent the rest of the morning reading. Of course one can not hide from the heat, and now that the celestial fire ball moved around the corner of the house, I pulled the curtains back & opened a window, there is even the smallest idea of a wisp of wind … Temperatures will keep rising over the afternoon, it is possible that 40°C will be reached in some over-exposed corners of Franconia. Hopefully the promised drop will be significant, driving in the last few days was bordering on madness.
The last week sped along uneventful – until LẌ published his last post. Shook some bloggers around the world, still reverberating.
This Sunday Music is The Grateful Dead’s (Ger., Eng.) version of Buddy HOLLYs 1957 rockabilly song Not Fade Away (Eng.), performed thirty years ago in Orchard Park, New York, number 20 on the setlist. And as it’s always with Grateful Dead, our favourite traveling hippy life band, it counts what happens on stage. What starts as more or less typical love song somehow transforms. So apologies for a pretty long song (8 minutes), but give it a chance.
And – do not hesitate to visit that other Sunday Music over at MsScarlet’s Wonky Blog.
May we face a peaceful, bearable week ; take care of yerselves, please.



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Good.
    Thank you for handing Sunday Music back, MsScarlet. The spot where you poked me with the flaming baguette is still itchy, so I’ll have to disappoint Dinahmow (and perhaps others) who got used to Sunday Music on Wednesdays : This shall never happen again.

  2. Yep, this is cool, alright. As can be seen and heard by the crowd at the end, it matters not only what happens on stage but also what happens in the crowd as well. Actually, it matters what happens in the parking lot too. I’ve been to a few shows.
    May your temperatures drop.

    xo foam

  3. Dearest Foam – great to see you coming out of the woods !
    Yes, interaction is important, and the old Motto “No snow, no show” is still valid.
    The temperatures show absolutely no inclination to drop, will be an interesting night to come.
    It would be nice to read you again.

  4. I’ve always liked the lyric, “My love is bigger than a Cadillac.”

    I’ll always have fond memories of Mr. Lax. There will be no “fading away” as far as those are concerned.

  5. It was 30 deg here in Bristol on Saturday and hardly any wind. I was stuck in an accursed and mind-bendingly boring training course that started at the horrible hour of 7.30am. To close the curtains and read sounds a form of bliss.

  6. Franconian temperatures are stubborn, dear IDV

    But can you park it ?
    Absolutely right, dearest Mistress, no fade away regarding Mr von LAX.

    7:30 – it is an ungodly hour. I find it much easier (and practical) to get up way earlier ; I have no problem with starting to work at 06:00 or earlier. Also to start noticeably later (around ten or so) is easier. But mankind – at least the schedule setting part – seems to be fixated on this hour between 07:30 and 08:30. An hour best spent in bed, or – if need be ! – at the breakfast table.
    I also never understood why school must at all cost start at 08:00. Years ago medics had already proofen that it is better for kids and adolescents to start school an hour later – but HA !
    What was the subject of your training Looby ?

  7. Sorry to hear it has been so hot there! We are having a surprisingly normal Seattle summer but it has all the people new to the area very confused because the last five years have been all heat and/or smoke from wildfires. I am happy with our cool, cloudy summer. I have been able to get more work done in the yard. I wanted to say goodbye to LX, but it wouldn’t let me leave a comment. Maybe comments are closed now. I always enjoyed seeing their comments here. Always “off-topic”. :)

  8. No idea why you should not be able to comment on LXs website, Melanie.
    I just checked, and the comment box was there. You can choose from “comment with google”, “name / url” and “anonymous”. As wordpress user take the “name / url” option, comment, then click on the photos (Where’s the fire hydrant ?) and there it should be published.

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