Sunday Music on Monday

Another week escaped and can not be brought back. I worked, I slept, I worked again. I spent the weekend in a kind of lethargic stasis. Now & then I sat on my bicycle and drove around, but for a longer ride over land it was too hot. And I am not fit enough to cycle for some hours through sunny fields and vineyards, this requires some preparation.
Without further ado, let’s hear this week’s Sunday Music – the valse La Plus Que Lente (Eng.), composed by Claude DEBUSSY (1862-1918) (Ger., Eng.) in 1910, performed by the French pianist Samson FRANÇOIS (1924-1970) (Ger., Eng.) in the late 1960s.
I hope you enjoy the little piece. May we all face a peaceful week without earthquakes, fire, high water and so forth.



11 thoughts on “Sunday Music on Monday

  1. Whilst listening to this tune I am visualising you cycling through the countryside, in black and white, there is a little bit of drama at from 2.05 where you have a skirmish with a pothole, but by 3.20 you’ve recovered and are sat on a grassy mound drinking a cool beer.
    Have a happy week, Mr Mags.

  2. I confess I don’t normally listen to your musical selections – I am equipped only with the poorest of sound reproduction facilities here — but Ms Scarlet’s picturesque prose has prompted me to play this one.

  3. Lovely, dear Mago. May your brooding heat abate. Have a pleasant disaster week too. I have to admit to whiling away the worst of the heat here in my air conditioned home.

  4. I love to have a skirmish with a pothole, dearest MsScarlet. While cycling I follow the motto of Mr Schumacher : To brake means to loose !

    If it is possible Looby, use a headphone. even the cheapest heqdphone will be better than a rattling in-built laptop speaker.

    Yes, I hope for pleasant disasters, ear Hoppele.

  5. I’m sorry it’s been so long since I visited. Life always gets in the way and then the laptop breaks. Being the silly person I am, I decided to build one from scratch as I had done in college a lifetime ago. Alas, figuring out the latest and greatest of motherboards, soundcards and RAM got the better of me and I passed on the project to the husband who efficiently went about ordering all the part, except for speakers. So, I’m here listening with the same speakers an ex-boyfriend gave me as a breaking up gift some 18 or so years ago. Funny thing! I really never dated very much, but I once found myself running into two different ex-boyfriends in a matter of five streets. What is more funny, is that I was wearing one of their sweaters and the others pants that they had let me keep. Even the boots I had on were from another ex-boyfriend, who I did not run into that day. What can I say? I look good in men’s clothes and I have big feet. Bwhahaha

  6. The Mistress has been taking shorter bicycle rides too because of the heat.

    The Mistress enjoys long rides in the countryside but frequently has to turn back because of her small bladder. If I refrain from drinking anything before my bicycle ride, I can ride longer distances. However, I’m parched from thirst. You can see that I have a dilemma.

  7. „Something old, something new,
    something borrowed, something blue
    and a lucky six-pence in your shoe.“

    WHy am I not surprised that you choose to built the machine by yerself, Melanie ?

    Do I understand it right, Dinahmow, a litter of dogs arrived in your garden ? Or better in your neighbour’s garden, just at the fence. “Hello, and welcome !”

    Thirst is not a nice experience. But on the other hand, can one allow a relatively minor part of the mesentery to rule over the whole apparatus ? I doubt, dear Mistress, down with the bladder rule !
    I found that a very small sip of water helps when I am really thirsty. Just a small sip to moisten the mouth. Drinking copious amounts of fluid after the endeavour.

    Crisps ? I’m crunched, dear MsScarlet, reduced to a cluster of crumbs … seriously ?

  8. Crisps? Could you please elaborate, Miss Scarlet?

    Crisps are salty and would make me have to drink more water. Therefore, I would not be able to go for a long bicycle ride.

  9. I am talking about just a small bag of crisps, like from a multi-pack, there is no need to eat a family bag! The salt will/should counter any excess and you will be able to travel further and be able to drink water without needing the loo.

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