Sunday Music

Yesterday was a strange day, “verlottert” as someone near me called it. Hard to translate, I opt for “unkempt”. I spent most of Saturday in bed, because I had felt shaky, with a little nagging headache. I lay down again in the early afternoon, slept some time, looked out of the window into the sky, admired the sheer strength of another shower of rain, read – a very nice day of excessive trullering.
Today I feel relaxed. I even rode my bicycle around the village.
I think I finally did bring all things “business” up to date ; what needs to be done is done, no more pending letters, forms, bills etc. Two or three things left, but these will be settled next week. In fact it is only “sign here” and “put in envelope”, while writing the correct addresses is the most challenging part. But I managed to muddle even this – and since then I now that sealing an envelope is the last thing one does.
I spent the major part of last week reading, as usual. An activity my co-driver sees with mistrust.
In the afternoon a ritual of mutual questions & answers has established. I think this started when I once asked her in the morning what she would do over the day, and I always was impressed with the long list of tasks she would pull out. So in the afternoon I asked her whether she had really done all the things she wanted. The answer is most often a very proud “YES !”.
And because she’s friendly, she feels the obligation to ask me what I had done. And the answer is inevitably “I read, and I slept”. My co-driver now assumes me to be an incredible lazy kind of sloth, and btw never asked what I am reading. In fact, I could say that I was playing the Katzenklavier and shot my neighbours, she would not react ; she asked, as friendliness requires, but nothing requires to listen to the answer.
But last week she did listen – and when I had said “I read” she was quiet for an awkward second and then asked in the chest tone of astonishment “Again ?!”
I insist that this was not something ironic, it was a pure sentiment she felt – the amazement about the fact that someone can read for days, or every day.
I do not tell this here to ridicule her, there is nothing to laugh, and there is nothing ludicrous about her. She just leads a live without any books, barely a newspaper – I do not believe that there is something printed in her tenement.
An idyll ?
I honestly do not know, simply because I lack the imagination to envision a bookless life. I can not think about this now, it is just a Sunday Music, not a downward spiral into darkness & oblivion.
So as an antidote, let’s hear some funny & upbeat music recorded in January 1949 in Berlin : The Helmut ZACHARIAS (Ger., Eng.) Quartet jams together with Coco SCHUMANN (Ger., Eng.) – I hope you enjoy the music.
May the coming week be friendly to all of us.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. You are early!!
    Your co driver is an industrious sort. I am more sloth than you as I don’t even manage the reading bit.

    This is a jaunty tune.

  2. Early bird etc.
    I do not understand what’s happening with the avatars, dear MsScarlet. Visiting my blog I do not see them. But when I sign in and visit my blog via a button in the admin section, all avatars are shown.
    Yep, Schumann and the others were just happy to have survived.

  3. Oh, Mago, you’ve done better than me this weekend. I have a pile of “important” letters/documents/forms etc. on the corner of my desk here, that I just keep ignoring. I’m sure the ones on the bottom of the pile are starting to fossilise…

    I was wondering how your co-driver learns anything new if she doesn’t read, but I suppose, amongst the rubbish on TV, there are plenty of educational programmes and the like.

  4. Just to rub it in, dear IDV, today I have finished the bloody rest, all is done, no more fossilising papers, finally up to date – it is a good feeling, just do it IDV, it’s worth the effort !
    She learns, as far as I can get it, via television. Her standard sentence is “There, I saw it on a program …” followed by anything from strange creatures of the sea to actual politics and historical events. I think she switches the devilish machine on right after getting up in the morning, and it keeps on running until she goes to bed. And of course there is farcebooke too. She and her friends (and there are plenty) share tons of videos, many nsfw. Her cellphone is a part of her, and she becomes nervous when there is no connection – what happens often on this route, because we drive around in the no man’s land between Bavaria and Suebia, in valleys & forests. When I had a flat tyre some days ago I had to phone my dispatcher to tell about the situation and our position. I could barely understand the man, so stood in the woods yelling into my grandpa cellphone, must have looked very funny. And at one point i had to laugh out loud, much to her chagrin, because she felt personally annoyed by this peculiar tyre, how dares it ?!! All in all it was a nice, quiet hour in the summery woods.

  5. Helmut Z! I used to have several of his records, long ago. Right now, my neighbour is “playing” his lawn mower against Mr. Z. My earphones win!
    I cannot imagine not reading.One of the happiest things in my life was to help people who could not read.

  6. I’m most impressed by your getting on top of all that business stuff, I still haven’t manage to tell my bank, or anyone else official, I changed my name over a year ago. I suppose I’ll get round to it eventually…

    Nice tune.

  7. Dinahmow – you really surprise me ! I never believed that someone outside (West-)Germany ever heard about Mister Z ! He later left his jazzy roots and run a large orchestra / big band and played dancing music in the tv. He was a successful composer too. I found this record because I was looking for music by the guitarist Schumann.

    Is it already a year that you tied the knot ?! I have to go and read you Eryl – you and Z, I neglected You BOTH !

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