Sunday Music, Mondays

Oh damn, last week I wanted to write about the drug user Ernst JÜNGER (1895-1998) (Ger., Eng.), about a Baroque writer and the Germanist who re-discovered him, about dis’n dat – and what did I actually do ?! Nothing !
I read, I slept, I drove around, pah !
And this week ? I fear it will not be much better, because the temperatures are steeply rising. The (least in-accurate) weather forecast says we should reach 38° C Wednesday latest, with the big bang following towards the weekend. The nights will bring no real cooling down, so it will be water & black currant juice while staying in the shade.
But it’s the last week before summer vacation, ha ! So let’s keep going. Perhaps The Ways of Trains (from the 1991 lp Window Mirrors of the Serbian guitarist Miroslav TADIć (Ger., Eng.)). May this week be good to all of us.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Mondays

  1. We are predicted to have the hot weather here as well, followed by the necessary storms. We just had warm murk today.
    Yes, this tune does sound like something familiar.

  2. Sorry Dinahmow, sorry MsScarlet, I’m blank regarding this title. If You recognise what it triggered, please let me know.

    Warm murk ? I though the murk is necessarily cold ? Foggy too, with the occasional bubble of a bog ? World of wonders …

  3. Just so sorry about that weather. I have been thinking this is something you guys are just not used to.

    Mumbai usually roasts between 34 and 41 in the summers… Baroda, my home town blisters at 45-47 deg C… we usually have long thick curtains that we draw early in the morning, by 10 at the latest. frequent wet mopping of the floor also helps. In Baroda, we prefer finishing chores by 11, and people stay indoors from 11 till 5.. the evening are slightly cooler. A lot of people have installed solar panels, that helps bring down the AC bills…
    Boiling a spoonful of fennel and cummin seeds with water till half is one remedy I remember from my childhood. Various remedies with raw mangoes as well… but that’s for another day.

  4. The weekend has arrived, and with it, hopefully, a drop in temperatures to the 20s – both for you in Franconia, and us in England.

    I like “The Ways of Trains” – it really does remind me of a train.

  5. I hope you will be back to your normal temperatures soon! Last two summers were hot and smoky (from wildfires), but this year we got a break, back to old normal. Many homes did not have air conditioning here, but now more people are getting them. It will start to stress the old electrical grid more. The jet stream has changed, it was more taunt, keeping temperatures more consistent for us Northern places, but now like a ribbon loosened from the spool with curves going up and down in an erratic pattern. Type in “jetstream” and “climate change” and you will see scientists have been warning about this for at least 3-7yrs. It will also making flying more dangerous. As if you need another reason not to want to fly. Take care!

  6. Thank you for the recipes Austere – meanwhile it is tea and juices.

    Isn’t this the fast lane to bladder inflammation, dearest Mistress ?

    Chugga-chagga-chugga-chagga – somethng like this IDV ?

    See what Austere said about Baroda – install solar panels, puts less stress on the grid, and you have the power when needed most.
    As if I would need a reason not to fly Melanie ! The idea alone to be squeezed into a can and be shot over to another continent makes me shiver, and not in anticipation !

    Sorry Dinahmow, I have not heared about the guys from Ghana. In fact I know very little about African music.

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