World of Wonders II

Only some days ago my venerated readers and me spoke about, well, islands. And today I read in the news that the little fuehrer seriously thinks about buying the largest island of them all, Greenland. Does the little fuehrer get his ideas from this blog ?
Sadly not – because if he thinks of buying it, he clearly lost his edge : Why buy & pay for something one can grab ?
How many divisions do these aborigines have, häh ? None, I bet.
Europe ? Bah, weaklings – they even do not have an army of their own.
NATO – obsolete bullshit, as the little fuehrer told us from the start.
So what ?!
No risk, just grab it. Send over the Big Red One, and that’s it. Some advisor may invent another lie, just ask Bolton. These rotten fish may easily qualify as Weapons of Mass Destruction.
THIS would be a manly action ! THIS would teach Vlad and the Chinaman who’s boss.
And when this stupid ice finally melts, let’s spill some oil on that oh-so-unspoilt nature reserve, so that future generations will know that “to trump” means “to make a stinking stain”, the biggest one possible.

I really should quit reading “news” : It is useless, depressing, and bad for the blood pressure. It just steals precious time.

7 thoughts on “World of Wonders II

  1. Well, I made a stand some time ago: if the tv is on when we eat dinner it is turned off.Actually, we switch to radio jazz.I will NOT have news on while I am eating a meal.
    Anyway, isn’t Greenland managed by Canada and and Denmark ?Vikings and Mounties! That’d teach the little fuerher a lesson!

  2. STOP READING THE NEWS!!!! A lot of it comes with a huge dollop of advertising space – they many money from these attention grabbing headlines. Ignore ’em all.

  3. Perhaps I should use it better, dear Anna

    Sorry, I can’t blame the tv, it’s gone since more than twenty years now, Dinahmow. Greenland is a part of Danmark, a very independent part. I think it was Hagar the historian who once remarked that it was the blitzen idea of a real estate agent to call that icy thing “green land” – it may be actually green for one or two weeks in summer.

    I think I will have to change my reading habits : No more plastic pizza in front of the headline accumulator. There will be withdrawal symptoms, MsScarlet

  4. I read about this yesterday in one of my ill advised visits to BBC News (I only have a brief look once every couple of weeks or so). It’s so ridiculous, but completely unsurprising coming from the flapping cake-hole of that orange creature.

  5. Just when I think he can’t be any crazier I read he wants to buy Greenland! Pfft! Then to show support for the “Proud Boys” and threaten to label Antifa as a terrorist organization, but keep his White Supremacist happy, no threat to label them as a terrorist organization!!! I think it is time for a version of die Weiße Rose to bloom again. I thought I was done fighting.

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