Sunday Music, on a Tuesday

We live in times of extremes. Either Sunday Music is published at the earliest possible moment, one second after midnight, Schlag Mitnacht, Franconian Time ; or it comes to your screen on Tuesday afternoon, when any trace of last Sunday has already left the planet ; consistent inconsistency as result of lacking discipline.
Yesterday was spent in the Cistercian monastery Maulbronn (Ger., Eng., unesco) – if you by chance come in the region, drop by, it’s worth a visit. All this art, the heavy onslaught of European culture, called today for an exotic antidote, just for balance. This counterweight is the guitar of Harry VOLPE (Eng.), who plays Taboo, from his 1965 lp Around the World with Harry Volpe. I hope you enjoy the music : May the week be peaceful for all of us.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music, on a Tuesday

  1. You have persevered over the years when so many of us have dropped out of regular blogging. It is an admirable feat! I am happy to stay connected to you in this form and it doesn’t matter to me what day of the week it is. It is enough to know that you are there, my friend in Franconia.

  2. Will this passprt bring me out of Europe when I need it, Dinahmow ?

    Wednesday, Thursday, what’s the difference for the Queen of the Island, dear MsScarlet ?

    Schmeichler ! I thinkk the time difference is one hours, dear IDV.

    You make me feel confused Proxima

    Where have You been Niko ?!

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