Sunday Music, Monday Edition

My head feels like a blown out egg, an empty eggshell with two holes, fragile but astoundingly sturdy at the same time. This is not an alcohol induced coma, but the result of some infection with coughing, sweating and feeling blank – my head simply did not work for the first half of this day.
And now that I crawl back to the desk to bring Sunday Music to my venerated readers, I am greeted with a “spike” in my statistics, 87 views of this homepage from one Canadian visitor within very short time – does the spammaster ride again ? I do not know, and do not care right now.
In other news, the elections in Easter Germany took place this Sunday. The fascists got around 25% I think. This is not nice, but less than I feared they could reach, I saw them at roughly one third. There is still a chance to contain them, if the bourgeois parties work together, what should be no problem in a working democracy. If the parliament is not on permanent vacancy that is.
Let us hear some nice music : Mr Artie SHAW (Ger., Eng.) & his orchestra perform Tabu. I link here the digitally enhanced version, while here is the version directly from the 1945 record. The guitar solo towards the end is played by Mr Barney Kessel.
I hope you enjoy the music, may our week be healthy, gently, and, perhaps, a bit swinging.



5 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your health problems. It’s so very annoying when one’s body decides to rebel against it self. “You’re not helping anything,” I want to tell my sinuses, but they aren’t listening.

  2. I think Sinus and Cosinus are cousins, Mr Penee. They are tone deaf.

    I’ll blame anything, dear MsScarlet !

    I do too, dearest Z.

    87 on September 2nd, over 70 on September 3rd – I can’t make nothing from this IDV. I only hope the Very Mistress is not washed away by this nasty storm that devastated the Bahamas, and then turned North. And thank you, I am feeling better. Spent the weekend sleeping and gulping down liters of water …

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