I could watch my brain slowly shut down last evening. It started some hours earlier with an headache while I was driving back through rain and low clouds. This time the job was demanding, and I was very glad to arrive home in one piece.
At home I gulped down water and stared emptily in front of me.. Today, after a very long sleep, I command a working brain again, while my body feels weak, even a bit shaky.
I blame the bout of weakness on the draughty cabin of the old banger I have to drive over windy land, and the air condition that leaves only “sussurant breeze” or “hurrican five” to choose from. But perhaps a feeling of big relief added to the feeling of happy dissolution too.
Three weeks ago someone noted a black spot on my immaculate lily-white skin, and asked me whether I knew about ? Reluctantly I had to admit that I knew nothing about this thing and never had seen it consciously before. Maybe I should meditate in front of a mirror more often.
So I went to my Hausarzt, showed him the mark, and he inspected it. Then he sat down, grabbed a form that he stuffed into his printer, and told me that he sees a lot of “Leberflecken” at his job, but “this is one a specialist should see, here’s the referral. And besides, what about the cancer check-up ? We’ll do this next Thursday”. Yeah, thanks.
It took a little longer to reach the local dermatologist. He checked the nasty spot this Frayday morning, identified it as something that sounded like Dingsbumszirpelmaus, and explained into my asking stare “Keine Melanozyten”, what means no black cancer. Thank you darling, I love you.
Just to be absolutely sure I will have to come in mid-October. He will take away some cells for the histological examination. I am promised a payne free affaire taking less than 30 minutes. But again he assured me that there is nothing to worry about.
I only later realised that a burden was taken off me.
Now I only need to quit smoking, eat vitamin C, and get rid of that cold.

7 thoughts on “Mush

  1. WOW! Glad it’s not skin cancer! Don’t take any chances, quit smoking now. I quit when I found out that I had asthma and smoking would only make it worse and lead to even more serious problems!! xoxo

  2. Wasdennwasdenn Anna Carissima ?!

    “Smoking would only make it worse and lead to even more serious problems!!” – Words to live by Savannah !

    Do they comb the moss too Mr Peenee ?

    I already have cut it back to smoking only when drinking alcohol (one beer equals two cigarettes). I will tackle this too. I think you once mentioned that you quit the cigarettes, but started the electric thing, this vaporizing device. It seems to be even more damaging to the lungs than good old tabacco, at least in the light of those accumulating dead people in America ! Come on MsScarlet, it’s a too dangerous hobby !

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