Sunday Music

The hot topic among six years olds last week was teeth. Is it alright to use the tongue to loosen a tooth ? What about tools like pliers ? Is it okay to grab and pull, or is it better to grab, turn, and then pull ? And finally : How to transport and preserve a fallen out tooth, respectively teeth ? What to expect from the tooth fairy ?
This replaced the more common issues like “You are living in my head, and I in yours : You are me, I am you !”, magical activity like creating things of any kind, colour and size, and the most common of all : “Where is my cap ? Give me back my cap !” The magical activity and the cap issue involve my co-driver, while it is absolutely enough when two kids swap their heads, there is no need for an adult to step in. Even when they are damn cruel sometimes, e.g. when mago & co. found themselves on a big grill roasted.
A nearly round, big, yellow moon just climbed over the horizon. I only hope I can sleep well this night.
Now let’s listen to some music : The guitarist Bill FRISELL (Ger., Eng.) performs the title Think from his 2009 long-player Disfarmer. I hope you enjoy the music. May the coming week be bearable for all of us.



6 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. My understanding is that any method is acceptable and mechanical means require most courage. I’m not sure what’s the going rate among tooth fairies nowadays, though I suspect £1 is about average. Used to be sixpence when I was a child, but that was hundreds of years ago.

  2. I think they reached the verdict that “grab, turn, pull” is the preferred method. The discussion about the use of handkerchiefs or paper tissues came not to a concord.
    The tooth fairy rate significantly increased to 1€ ! Regarding the preservation of fallen out teeth my proposal to drill a hole through each and wear it on a string around the neck was at least greeted with moderate approval. I think pliers should be avoided at any cost, dear Z.

  3. In my long time ago childhood we used strings: the one wrapped around the tooth, the other around a door handle of an open door, and then – push the door forceful to close it. It was heroism …

  4. True heroes go with a “bang”, dearest Anna !

    I vaguely remember a naughty song with “wiggle” in it, but I still have to look for it MsScarlet.

    Next installment will bring all about my pet hamster and gripping snooker stories, Mistress dearest.

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