Sunday Music

Thank GOd last week’s over. The coming one will bring me some problems of its own, but I do not have to listen to the right-wing gibberish of my replacement co-driver any more. She covered all topics : The State is evil, the chancellor a traitor, “they” are giving “all” to “them” (foreigners, refugees, black brown who cares – all the same : bearded Mohammedans who want to kill Germans in their beds – literally). She run the full program.
But there was a small difference to one of my earlier co-drivers, who spun the same yarn. This one insisted that I need an “iphone” and then she’ll send me news – “and if you see a little hand with a thumb up, click on it, and you’ll get all the news ! This is what you have to do ! So you know what really happens.”
Yeah. Right.
She could not get over the fact that I have no tv. “But what are you doing the whole day ?!” She is seemingly glued to the tv screen, despite her ongoing lamento about “corrupt state media”, or to to her “smart” phone. The news she receives, the “real” news of course, come from fatzebuk, out of some groups she joined. En passant she mentioned that she was banned from fatzebuk several times already for spreading false news and / or propaganda – in her words she only shared “funny” pictures. Yep, can’t a person express her opinion freely here ? That calling for murder may be a bit over the top does not occur in her twisted view of the world. No, she is victimised for speaking (or repeating) unwanted truth(s).
Seriously, I make this not up. This is no invention. I spent two weeks in a vehicle with this person. I only hope that this was it. She just did not try to recruit me for the fascist party.
Apropos – there is an election in Thuringia this weekend, one may wonder how much the fascists will gain : Will they become the second strongest party ? It will be out tomorrow, I will not look at the news this evening.
Instead we should listen to some nice music. Mr Ahmad JAMAL (Ger., Eng.) performs the title Poinciana (Ger., Eng.) for us. I chose a short version of his signature song.
I hope you like the music, may the week be good to all of us.



6 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Fatzebuk is quite good for viralizing improbabilities such as a parrot pedaling a penny farthing* down a Beijing street.

    *Bicycle of fiendish form named after Empire coinage.

  2. I live in a very “red” part of my state. A lot of the people around here watch Faux News. I haven’t met any yet who rant and rave or who are obvious KKK members or anything like that. One Latino fellow whom I spoke to briefly said the people in this town are prejudiced. I wouldn’t doubt but what he’s encountered that. I’m pasty white, so I won’t encounter the racism in this area. Mostly I keep both me and my politics to myself.
    It’s hard to work with people like that. I always want to tell them to stuff a cork in it.

  3. And Sylvaner, dear Dinahmow.

    What I observe there is the feeling of a “big betrayal”, Mr Peenee. I have no idea where it origins, what feeds it. There is very much self-delusion, and disappointment. But I have no idea whether it is only discontent. Finally it all adds up to the image of “them / they”, who “get everything” and “us”, “who get nothing”. As for politics the point of view is hardly understandable : On one hand “they” “do what they want”, and “everything is possible”, while at the same time “nothing changes”, nothing works”, at least “as it should”. It boils down to the fine contradiction : I believe nothing, I believe everything. In the end it is not reachable with logic, it is all emotion.

    Please see what I saied to Mr Peenee, dearest MsScarlet.

    No prisoners in this village, nothing to see here Nikos

    I corked for some time now, Cie, but yesterday the cork came off, and I asked my dispatcher about the possibility to have another co-driver. He was not amused, but promised to check it out.

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