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Well well, this last week “off” was busier than the regular scheduled working week. And offered more drama, too.
It started with a trip down memory lane and to a city I once inhabited. This Suebian monstrosity really changed itself to the better, from grey industrial wasteland to a colourful, “green” even, education oriented location. I did not spend much time in the city itself, but what I saw was very different from the images I had stored in my head.
I went there, because some people seriously harbour the idea that I could work for their archive there – crazy talk ! The ensuing conversation was a dense, no-nonsense affair, I’ll be told about the result in circa two weeks.
The next day I went to Middle Franconia, to visit the bookmines. There is still some flotsam & jetsam that needs to be looked through. Number two and number three of the institution came by to be briefed about the stage of affairs. All went well, we had a frank conversation, and I described some ideas about the library’s future use, and of possible subjects of further research. But I bit on granite, they want me to finish what has to be finished, then they’ll close the door, and keep quiet. When my job is finally done they can proudly declare that they did all the necessary things, there is even a new & actual, digital catalogue. The books themselves now rest in a reasonably safe place in bookcases – of course, if someone, for example a colleague from the nearby museum, wants to use the collection, this will be allowed. But there is no chance for the installation of a librarian or some other court jester.
So this is clear now.
Finally I went back to Suebia to meet a friend. On Saturday we went to see Bebenhausen monastery (Ger., Eng.). Stepping out from a 19th century room onto a 16th century circular staircase my friend misstepped, and while I grabbed only thin air, slowly but heavily fell down : Payn, faint, broken elbow bone – what can under the circumstances be called a blessing, it could have ended much much worse. Nice people in the local emergency room btw.
I was unsure about today’s Sunday Music, but in the end it had to be Johnnie TAYLOR (Ger., Eng.) with It Just Don’t Pay To Get Up In The Morning from his 1974 longplayer Super Taylor. This song is now 45 years old, but not too much seems to have changed. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the music. Do me a favour, please, and avoid to fall down & break some bones, this week – and, if possible, in those following, too.



2 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Tuesdays

  1. WOW! I hope your friend is healing well and is not in too much discomfort! It always surprises me that a library that is open for use by researches can function without a librarian. I wish you well, dear friend.

    You’re right about the music, nothing has changed since 1974, except the players at the top! Good choice in music for these days here in America and around the world. xoxo

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