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Slowly but steadily I crawl into the general direction of Sunday in “Sunday Music”. Over the last weeks I spent the better part of a Sunday on the train from Suebia. This Sunday too, and it was a carefree affaire : No soccer “fans”, no herds of students invading the Franconian capital, no trains lost in the Suebian nirvana. All worked well.
The week that was, sped by me, or did I speed with it ?
Important was last weekend. My friend was operated on, screwed & bolted together, thankfully all seems to have been done correctly lege artis : no pain, swelling on the decline, surgical wound without complications – ‘scuse me while I knock on my desk three times.
A minor spat with my co-driver was solved, a problem with one of the kids was solved, so nothing new there.
Time to listen to some nice music. This Sunday Music is the Musetto from Mr HAENDELs (Ger., Eng.) opera Alcina (Ger., Eng.). I did not especially look for the sheet music, but I chose this version because the other ones available on this video site were a bit “limp” (“schlaff”). It is meant as a little music, a happy little dance of merrily frisking country folk, not the soundtrack for grey groggy people scuffing along the factory wall. Sadly I could not find out the name of the orchestra and it’s conductor.
I hope you like the music, may we all have a carefree week.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Mondays

  1. Hello! I have missed a few blogs, what with all the moving of furniture, etc. Then moving it back or sometimes putting it in a different position.

    But here I am! And very pleased your friend’s elbow is properly re-aligned.

  2. I hope your friend will have a good and quick recovery! I am working on my writing and working to develop an Author’s website. Wish me luck! I am also planning a big trip to Yellowstone National Park in May, during the off season. It comes with the risk of Spring snowstorms storms and very hungry predators, but I’d rather brave all that then the summer months at which the cars crawl along the only road in the park, stupid tourist get to close to bison and the bugs eat alive what has not been melted by the heat of the day or forest fire. I hope my son will appreciate this special trip. I fear some of these animals may be extinct in 10 years due to climate change.

  3. Yes Dinahmow – I missed a few blogs too. I just did not move furniture, but myself through space & time, hach
    Thank you, also in my friend’s name, as of today it seems all to go well with that bone(s).

    Thank you too Melanie, I’ll forward all to my friend.
    An “Author’s website” ? I am sorry, I can not imagine what this shall be. Tell me please what comes out of this plan – and of course : All the luck to You !
    Spring snowstorms ?! Hungry predators ? Accidentially falling into a geysir – to defrost … Happy holidays, This is creating memories for your son, I’m sure. Images etched into his memory in black & white like snaps – “Mom, the bison, and the AK47”. Excuse me please while I watch from the distance, preferably the next Waldorf Astoria in reach.
    I have no idea what climate change will work in this area of the world, but it seems to be unavoidable after all.

  4. Here it is Friday, and I am only just reading. I have missed many blog posts for many folks. But life is just that… life. I am very glad your friend’s elbow repair has been a success. Now for the healing process to proceed. Be well!

  5. I have absolutely no idea about Bristol Looby. I even could not find it on a map – you know these games when the contestant is shown a map of e.g. Europe & asked to point to Paris, and he points in the vague direction of Warszawa … I’d guess it is near Edinburgh.

    I am glad that you showed up again Ponita.

  6. Ha,ha,ha you’re funny! I like to think my German heritage makes me a Sensible Badass and not an impractical one. I must work on writing much more content to have things worthy to share on an Authors website. I wish I could share the responsibility of creating a website with a small group of fellow Writers, but they really are like herding cats. I have to decide if I put the money forward to have a real website or revive the free wordpress one I have.

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