Sunday Music

Here we are, Sunday Music on a Sunday. This relapse into bourgeois predictability is to be accounted for by the simple fact that I am ill. For what I am very thankful. Maybe hitting me with a nice Bronchialkatarrh, or bronchitis, is the universal power’s idea to give me time to sleep and to de-brittle – if such a word exists.
It started on Wednesday when I felt something attacking me. In the night to Thursday I could watch my attacker work himself from the head through the throat into my chest, starting a very successful phlegm production there. I saw my dispatcher on Thursday morning telling him I felt not so well, the fact that I was a bit shaky and sweated like fresh from the sauna supported this reasonably. The man blanched, literally, and begged me to do the Frayday, he really had run out on options. I had seen a lot of new faces over the last weeks, I have no idea what is the reason behind this major reshuffle. And I do not want to know.
My family doctor handed me a sick note for the coming week after a look and a short action with the stethoscope, we chatted mostly. Then I did the last drive on Frayday, emptied the vehicle of any personal belongings of my real co-driver and me, and parked it where it always parks. The rest is my dispatcher’s job, not mine.
With a little luck I do not have to enter this rust bucket again : It is this vehicle’s damn “air condition”, seemingly never maintained, never cleaned, with two from three settings not working anymore, that was constantly blowing either cold air onto my legs, or hot air on my head, both un-conditioned at all, that gave me this infection. Enough of this unhealthy whining.

This Sunday Music is dedicated to Leah (The Weather in the Streets), Roses (journeying), Ponita (Ponita in Real Life), and, of course, MsScarlet (wonky words).
It is Eric SATIEs Gnossienne No. 1 performed by Otto TOLONEN.
No one really knows what a “gnossienne” (Eng.) is, it is SATIEs invention. There may be a connection to “gnosis” (Eric was seemingly part of a (neo-)gnostic group around the time he wrote the first pieces (1890)), there may also be a connection to the Cretan Knossos, but excavations there started only 1900 (Eng.). In the end it is futile to speculate about Eric’s possible ideas, it is in the music. And Mr TOLONEN may have found something there.
I hope you may like the music. Take care of yourselves over the coming week, watch your step.



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  1. Ahhh… that is lovely. Here, it is very early (0530) on a Monday and I am a sponge, soaking up the peace.

    Sorry to hear your rotten school bus air con has made you ill. But you have “grasped the nettle” and are doing the right things. Get well, my friend.

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