Sunday Music

For reasons I can not understand, I am not allowed to comment on blogger. First I thought this would be caused by my – admittedly slightly paranoid – security settings regarding third party cookies. But I tried a freshly installed, hence not altered, Chromium browser with the same (non~)result. I even made an update of the whole system, so I got a brand new Firefox adapted for my operating system. This is very fine because I can now visit some sites without any difficulties that previously found fault with my ad blocker – now that Firefox does the ad blocking itself, all seems to be nice.
Only the fact remains that I can not comment on blogger. I am not even shown that “proof that you are no robot”-thingy. Time will tell.
To my astonishment I am now shown advertisements on youtube. Either before a video starts, or afterwards. I looked for alternatives to youtube but could find nothing that works. The French Dailymotion could be an option. Other sites now charge money, or use gargle’s infrastructure : It seems to be impossible to escape gargle’s grip.
Enough of this impotent Salbadern. Let’s listen to some music. The video shows still a bit too much action, one long shot à la Bergman would have done. Three not quite unqualified musicians performed Short Tales of the Black Forest by Chick Corea last Friday night in San Francisco.
I hope you enjoy the music, even when it is a bit longer than usual (under nine minutes, no worries). May the coming week be good to us all.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. The only way I can comment on Blogger is by clearing my history for the last hour, then it will work fine for a while and then it won’t. As soon as I clear my history again it works. Obviously this is a bit of a pain. It might work for you, too.

  2. What an ahistorical thing to do MsScarlet, we are forced to forget our history, tah!

    I fear sooner or later both will turn around in a huff, storm out of the room yelling “I’ve had it ! Can’t see no blogs no more !” I finally figured out how Chromium does work with that gargle stuff, so I have, at least for now, a working solution for commenting – I’m read to spew wisdom all over the world, dear Dinahmow !

  3. WordPress and Blogger have never played nicely together. I usually end up using my Facebook account to comment on WordPress blogs. I’m paranoid about trolls and spam, so my blogs aren’t comment-friendly to people who don’t have a Blogger account. Speaking of which, Facebook sucks too. I only keep it around for a few groups that I’m involved with for sharing links to writing and such.
    I don’t know if you still have my email. It’s still if you ever want to vent about blogs or anything else.

  4. I’m happy to see that your testing has worked. At least judging by the “test” over at mine last week…

    Now, I was drawn here by the mention of Black Forest. Sod the music, where’s the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte!?!

  5. It’s a bump hitting world, Mr Peenee

    The creme-de-la-creme, as Olaf Maulaf put it (a Norman invader of France) La Mousse.

    I miss the times when it was obligatory to ask the Mistress for a piece of cake … Sorry IDV, you have to help. yerself

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