Sunday Music, dienstags

Sorry for being late (again !), I was pretty busy. And hence, tired. My co-driver pulls on my nerves, other stuff makes me nervous, going to bed early seems to be a nice way of escape. I am happily looking forward to the next holidays, just three days to go, oh Herr mach’, daß ich ruhig bleibe.
This Sunday Music is a little piece by Belgian composer Jean ABSIL (1893-1974) (Ger., Eng.) titled Pièces caractéristiques pour la guitare : I. Prélude (Op. 123, from 1964), performed by Phillippe LEMAIGRE, about whom I could find no additional information on the web. I hope you like the music, perhaps it inspires you to look for more of both, composer and performing artist.
I hope this week passes peacefully for all of us – Courage !



4 thoughts on “Sunday Music, dienstags

  1. Jetzt ist bald vorbei. Ich hoffe die Ruhe ist mit Dir geblieben.
    I just need to keep my cool for 1 1/2 days more myself. Und dann die Weihnachtsferien! Thank goodness.

    Alles Gute, gel!

  2. Wir haben’s geschafft, Schaum !
    Dir auch.

    They played the twang-dang-boogle or something, but I deceided to just be above such things, dear IDV.

    Two posts now Melanie, but the political diatribe is already old ; let’s concentrate on the seasonal greetings, and more so, on the spirit.

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