In Schönheit Sterben

Sorry, political bla ahead, skip if you like, nothing missed.

Frankly, it is futile, and possibly boring – and nothing is more frustrating for readers than a boring blogpost – to write about the American malarkey. But when you think that you’ve seen everything, death where’s yer sting, round the corner comes the little fuehrer and delivers.
The Democrats did the decent thing and started impeachment (where’s the peach in that ?), as we all know. At the same time the coming litigation in the Senate is dead as a dodo, because a bloke who goes by the moniker “Moscow Mitch” (!) blared out that the fix is already in : Evil to him who thinks evil. It is just the declaration of banqueroute for the US-American democracy, or what is still left of it, after more than thousand days of scum’s rule.
It does not work anymore. Democracy, based on the “free will” of the citizens (who, by the way is this Gerry Mander I hear so much about ?) works by checks & balances, the power needs to be fenced in, einhegen is the German word.
A necessary precondition is that those who are in power do believe in the system, accept and respect it. The little fuehrer obviously has no idea what those words I used could mean, and those who are helping and enabling him and his gang, the political professionals of the Republican party, happily abandon not only the whole system, but the idea of “democracy” in total.
Nobody knows what will come out of this. The next two weeks over the holidays will be like a break, a common pause for breath, then uglyness will brake out in full force.
The Republicans will throw the case out, the little fuehrer will continue to hold rallies, the Democrats will impotently stay aside.
The only chance to avoid the re-election of this stain on the American history lies in the personality of the candidate. If the circus act, as lately displayed in a place called Battle Creek (!), will loose its attractiveness, its appeal to the hard boiled fan-base, then there is a chance that a second term is avoided. I doubt it.
I do not know why, but the number “42 %” blinks up in my head, describing the part of the electorate who will stick to the little fuehrer come whatever will – of course that means that 58 % are either against or undecided. But it is a very good start, a seemingly rock solid basis. I may be wrong, I did not check sources etc pp.
I said it before, I say it again : The only way to get rid of this clown is to laugh about him. To laugh him out of office. What means that he must show his laughableness, his terrible ridiculousness, in full – the election is won when the first “maga”-cap-wearing bloke laughs about the candidate, not with him. When it gets stale.
I do not believe that those people who attend the little fuehrer’s performances really do have a political consciousness (do not know if this is the correct translation for the German word “politisches Bewußtsein”, sorry), and frankly I doubt it. But they can add two and two, and at one point they’ll look around and ask what really happened, what became better, what promises were kept ?
And if these people understand that not much was kept, that in fact the oh so holy US is an international laughing stock, a source of instability for all & everyone, that there is nothing left of the “pax Americana” or American influence, they have a chance to think. But again, I doubt that there will be a lot of thinking. Not because those voters would not be able to rational thinking, but because they base their decision on emotions. and all the little fuehrer does, is playing on emotions : If he miscalculates, then he’ll be done. The moment he ridicules himself, he is done.
This sounds silly, stupid even, when you look back over the stretch of the last thousand and something days since the clown is in office – he was ridiculous from the start.
But obviously not for all.
What brings us back to the political professionals. Who happily, and voluntarily, dwarfed themselves to become trumpish minions. It is incredible to watch this total failure of a once powerful party, of an “elite”. There is nothing left, they are un-electable for times to come, until a new generation may step in – but this “new generation” is out of sight.
The only other possibility for this nightmare to end is that the puppet-master throws away his sock puppet. But, frankly, I do not believe that Vlad is already done with Amerga.
Anyway. Sorry for this long rant. Let’s end it with some music by JJ CALE.



6 thoughts on “In Schönheit Sterben

  1. I think you are right. Many people think you are right, even some of the conservative voters.
    But I’m afraid that removing the most obvious cancer will, in many cases, leave cells that will keep re-growing.
    And the ultra-conservatives don’t car as long as their money hoard keeps growing.

  2. Nothing wrong with being conservative.Nowadays, at 56, I am much more conservative as I was with 16, 26, or even 36. But what the orange clown does, is far from being conservative : Destroying a system is the absolute opposite to being conservative.
    The problem with this little damn fascist is that he does NOT offer a vision, another ideal – he does not replace “what is” with something that “should be”. It is plain, damning, damaging, and in the end fully contemptuous nihilism he offers. And this really creeps me out ! Because I see all those idiots who happily follow “da leader”, and no serious discussion about the whole endeavour takes place. They are lemmings.
    Of course the people who bankroll this “movement” (as he liked to call it, die Bewegung in German, as Adolf called it) see their investment grow, and hence are content with it. Screw this society, it may implode, as long as the numbers are good and the investment pays, why not, eh ?!

    But he is still just a symptom. If it is real that more than forty percent of the electorate back this supremo – come hell or high water ! – then this society is doomed. This can not go on : It must brake.
    What is called “Trumpism”, and I have really no idea what this shall be, may be on a roll, it may even gain momentum. It may be a Sammelsurium of fringe ideas, but the danger is that it will stay. The political system is already changed, the society is already changed, polarised, the inner politics already affect the foreign politics. Professionalism as we knew it is already phased out, a new kind of (ideological ?) “belonging” replaces professional credentials – best seen in those terrible choices of “ambassadors”, this creep who represents the US in Germany is a mere insult to the diplomatic community, and on, and on – in nazi Germany the oath on the constitution was replaced by an oath to the Fuehrer himself, and exactly this is what we watch here : Be loyal to El Supremo and all is fine. Go, and collect yer reward.

    And those idiots who made him possible ? As I see this administration did everything to remove any obstacles for making money. In fact this administration put a price tag to anything.

    The democrats were wrong with their two weak points of accusation. It should have read “Corruption”, “Bribery”, and “Treason”.
    But it’s gone. The chance is missed. Nothing will come out of all this.
    Sooner or later, it will end the American way, in violence, and blood. Without any real change, of course.

    I really should skip the news.

  3. Nice to see that You are here. There is always aesthetics – ob die “Flucht” ins Aesthetische eine Art innerer Emigration darstellt ?
    I have no idea how serious the division in the country is ; at least in some German media it is described as pretty deep, als “tiefer Graben”. Some observers fear that this rift will stay, even after the orange abomination’s last exit. It seems that a common ground can hardly be found nowadays. Divide et impera.

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