Sunday Music, pre-christmassy

All is set and done, all necessary things (and some not so necessary ones) are in reach, the holidays can come now.
I will be away from keyboard for some days, will return on Saturday.

I wish You all, venerated readers, a good time, happy holidays, love peace and understanding.

The pre-Christmassy Sunday Music is provided by Mr Charlie BYRD (Ger., Eng.), the title simply called Jequibau, the new Brazilian rhythm.
I hope you like the music – let’s breeze through the coming days.



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music, pre-christmassy

  1. Thank you very much IDV, sadly I have no pepple beach near me to answer adequately. Maybe I can find something in the coming days, they will be spent in the Suebian wilderness, so it will be a bit difficult …
    Have a good time IDV.

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