Sunday Music, post-christmassy

It’s a cat’s live right now. Getting up a little later than usual, shower, eat, curl up on the sofa in the sunshine. No need to get up before it’s time for preparing dinner.
Last week we were either boxed in by white fluffy walls, or cold rain flushed away all colours and the world was black-white in full.
The air is cold, the nights are freezing. Yesterday I slipped on a patch of frozen Suebia (in the afternoon, on a sunny day !), and gracefully slammed into the ground. A Suebian walked in the opposite direction, asked friendly whether I was unharmed, and said :”Sorry it had to be you. But it has something good too.” And turning to his kids he says “BE careful, or you’ll slam in the ground like this man!” Suebians, pragmatic and protestant, nothing gets wasted, even the man in the frozen mud can be used as example.
Now I will visit a supermarket for building supplies, of course I enter such a place only when I am forced to do so ; but on the other hand it is kind of an adventure into an unknown land where magical things are lurking.
Another kind of magic spreads Mr Eddie LANG (1902-1933 ) (Ger., Eng.) performing A Little Love, A Little Kiss, recorded in 1927 in New York.
I hope you like the music and enjoy the days “between the years”.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Music, post-christmassy

  1. No worries, MsScarlet, I am unharmed. But I left an impression on Suebia.

    I am very glad that You re-surfaced, dear Mistress.

    What about a post-christmas shag, dear IDV, while the pre-christmas one did not materialise ?

    Now for all : I am not building anything – I am not in the least suited, eligible or however you may call it, for handcraft in any way. I can barely hammer this nail into the wall without causing too much bodily harm, and that’s it. Nevertheless, or maybe exactly for this reason, visiting a supplier for building materials, machines, tools etcetcpp. can be exciting. Just a bit embarassing for the companion, but hey : They made me come to this place !

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