One Needs Good Shoes

The new year started well around here, and as it is customary at the beginning of a new counting circle there was a Neujahrsspaziergang, a New Year’s walk.
Here follows an image to give you an impression of the area I’m in. Actually it is not Suebia, but Wuerttemberg. The picture was taken this afternoon.



9 thoughts on “One Needs Good Shoes

  1. Very right Dinahmow ! One walks over slippery foliage or frozen grass, and the air is near to freezing point. But one has a very nice prospect, the air is clean, and it is basically impossible to get lost in the woods, just follow the signs. And if one finds a place where the sun shines in you feel her might. It was a good day, hopefully a good omen for this year to come.

  2. A good Spaziergang is always good.. even better in good shoes. Today I walked the dog in rubber boots, although I did contemplate a canoe since it’s rained so much. Have a restful weekend, Mago!

  3. I tried, dear MsScarlet, I will try harder.

    It was a pleasant walk of roughly one hour IDV. I will try to snap more pictures of the “fairy tale land”, as I promised to MsScarlet.

    “Sudsy” – would that be “Lauge-le” in German ? No need for a canoe here, dear Foam, a good strong searchlight on the other hand …

    I never thought of you as a “rambling man”, dear Mitzi

    Are you welcoming the Three Kings today, dear Mistress ?

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