Sunday Music, Mondays

It is nearly midday, and the fog at last starts to thin a bit. Now I see more than just the contours of the next trees.
I arrived in the late afternoon yesterday, returning from the bookmines of Middlefranconia. Last activities there, labours of love ; completing the catalogue, putting away stuff that mysteriously surfaced, tidying up, before I’ll leave for good next Saturday, unceremoniously, after one last visit. They made clear that after me, they “close the door” ; they did what is seen as necessary for the library (new catalogue, permanent safe storage), and if it must be, the whole thing can be used. But they will keep quiet, nobody needs to know. They gently listened to my ideas, and gently and clearly declined them. Another project buried.
But this is so yesteryear. I’ll finish this whole business, grab the money and run.
It is a bit strange to be back in my appartement after two weeks, but of course I’ll warm to my shell again. It becomes a bit harder to come back, at each time. Additionally, the idea to drive through the fog tomorrow in the ddm* (in the company of a fascist potatoe sack) does not help to ease things. I think it is definitely time for another job, preferably with civil working hours, unsplit over the day.
Now I can see the vineyards over there, sol invictus consumes fog for breakfast, what reminds me that I should go and by a Döner or something. But before turning towards this culinary extravaganza, let’s hear a little music : The Finish group Tjango! (youtube) performs Breaking the Wave.
I hope you like the music. May the new year allow us to move on to pastures new.



* damndarkmorning, coined by fellow blogger Savannah.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Mondays

  1. I enjoyed that, thank you. I’m sorry your work will just be archived but at least you’ve done it and if there’s someone more enlightened – and more money available – in the future, then it’s safely catalogued, at least. And good luck with the job hunting.

  2. That’s a great shame. One feels now that everything we do is expendable. But new years are for starting a new chapter, and I wish you well in yours.

  3. Thank You Looby. I do not want to think about “expendable”, I think you are “close to home” with this … I want to look ahead. Thank you again, may it all work for You !

    Here You are, public enemy number 1. I can assure you that you are always welcome to my blog, dearest Savannah (as long as it is allowed to be published).

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