Sunday Music, Kind of

I think it is the second time that Sunday Music appears on Wednesday, sorry about that. But frankly it felt not like “Sunday” or “music”, least Sunday Music, over the last days it felt more like “bleurgh”, for various reasons I will not discuss here.
Now the situation is de-bleurgh-ed, and we may hope for Days of Wine and Roses, here in the version of Wes MONTGOMERY (Ger., Eng.).
I hope you enjoy the music. May the coming days be as uneventful as possible.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Kind of

  1. And I have wine! Well, I did last night…

    Anyway, I have been flicking through previous Sunday Musics from this year (following your Sunday-Music-on-a-Wednesday note in preparation for a possible “Seldom Sunday Sunday Music Award” in this year’s Coven Awards), and discovered that I’ve somehow missed quite a few of them. Including this one from January featuring music from Thunderbirds (which didn’t feature “Blue Food” as far as I remember – thanks for the link).

  2. We’ll sit out this actual storm, and then things will improve MsScarlet, promised !

    Maybe it is connected with my simple-mindedness – I just can’t think of another name IDV. So it is helpful that wordpress puts a number on it.

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